All 50 Road Trip-May 25, 2018, Day 14

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Ketchikan, AK

We arrived at Ketchikan way before any of us woke up this morning. I was lucky that the girls’ room woke up this morning. I had forgottento plug in my phone last night, and it died. Thankfully, I tried to see the time on my phone, so I realized it was dead. I was able to plug it up and made sure that my alarm was indeed set.

Keaton asked me to trim her toenail this morning and would you believe that I can’t find my fingernail clippers. I just used them yesterday so they have to be in this room. We can’t lose anything else on this trip because we have hit the max limit of lost items! 

I am not sure if I wrote about this, but the first night we were on the cruise as I was waiting on Robby to deliver our toothbrushes, he called asking if I had them. I did not! We must have left them at the hotel! I have a toothbrush holder that holds all of our toothbrushes and even though we checked the bathroom, we didn’t see them. Robby had already rolled them up and since my holder was unwisely white, they just blended in to the other towels! 

Campbell and Keaton had spent the night in Nonna and Pops’ room that night, so they had their toothbrushes. I tried to convince Robby that we could survive with just 2 toothbrushes, but he wouldn’t listen. We bought the bullet and bought 6 toothbrushes and 1 tube of toothpaste on this cruise ship. Let’s just say that the cruise toothbrushes cost 20 times most than my package of 6 toothbrushes from the dollar store. I sure hope that we don’t find those toothbrushes in our luggage somewhere when we get home or in the car when we get back to it!

Back to today, we made it to breakfast with all clean teeth. We all ate in the crowded buffet and then ran back to the rooms to grab our jackets for our day in Ketchikan. The weather was drizzly and chilly, but not horrible. We were able to walk all around town. We saw Creek Street and all of the other sites. The salmon weren’t around just yet but we did see their ladder.

Whitman said that his favorite thing was seeing all of the totem poles so I did grab a totem pole ornament before boarding the ship again. Robby bought a coke for him and the kids to drink before climbing back aboard. Afterwards, we dried off and started packing up.

I went to Robby’s room to help them pack up. Now, their room is all packed and neat and mine is a mess. We then met back up at the buffet for lunch. Everyone was around and it was packed with few seats available. After we all finally ate, the kids and I headed downstairs for extreme napkin folding. We didn’t do too well at it at all. 

Then there was a round of trivia followed by the Deal or No Deal game. Robby bought cards for Deal or No Deal. It wasn’t as much fun because we didn’t do any good this time on our cards. The kids still enjoyed it, but I think that we are pretty unlucky! 

Afterwards, some of the kids went to the kids’ club, but Anderson and Reagan just went back to their rooms. Robby and I had ice cream and then headed to our rooms as well. I was able to do a bit more straightening of our room. Just as soon as I asked Reagan, who was intently watching Fox News, to pack up she decided that she might go to kids’ club! 

Soon it was time to pick up the kids’ club kids, eat supper and then they were ready to go back to kids’s club. Keaton was the only one who opted to go to supper with us. I think that she likes the attention of being a cute little girl at the supper table with all of the adults.

Afterwards, she went to the kids’ club while Anderson went to the show with us and Whitman went to Nonna and Pops’ room to spend the night. He was excited about getting to look out of their window. 

After the show, I picked up the kids, and we had one more bit of ice cream. Tonight we set the clocks forward an hour so we should have gotten into bed quickly but instead I am making my girls take showers! 

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