May 2, 2018

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  • No one ended up in our bed last night, but I could hear them nearby. This was our last day of CBS for the year, but for some reason my kids didn't get up and put on their clothes like usual. I had to remind Anderson a few times before he went back upstairs for his clothes. Everyone was too busy soaking up all of the computer/ipad time they could get before we left for the day.
  • Campbell was able to take a drink for herself today while the boys brought drinks for their entire class. Reagan really, really wanted to bring a drink-she asked to pour Sprite in a water bottle! Ha! She was not pleased at all with me. They were all needing drinks because they celebrated the last day with pizza while Keaton and Whitman celebrated with cookies.
  • After Bible study was over, we went to a park for a bit. After playing with there for a while, we then went to Walmart. Now, it was a good thing that I had just left the church house or I would have lost my religion shopping with my crew.
  • Everyone but Whitman bought at least one clothing item for the trip, and I think that we are just about ready to start packing up our clothes. Now, I am not too sure why all of this stresses me out so since we will pass 942 Walmarts or similar stores in the next few weeks that we can certainly stop at.
  • Back at home, I did do some packing. My list began at 6 pages but my goal is to get it down to 2 before the end of the weekend. Before I started packing, we read our history. Today was about John Huss-4 pages! Yikes. I had never heard about the man but now I know all about him.
  • We just had about 2 hours at home before it was time to grab supper and leave again. We left a bit later than usual but since the grands weren't at church tonight, I had plenty of time to pick up my library books.
  • Church seemed to fly by tonight. I was able to watch the little kids practice for their end of the year celebration next week. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the kids. I couldn't find the big 2 but did eventually find Reagan. All of the 5th and 6th grade girls were playing kickball. Just imagine this-20 preteen girls mostly doing more standing around than actually playing and then there was Reagan. She was working hard all over that field trying to make up for her friends lack of enthusiasm. It was pretty entertaining to watch!
  • I let everyone play on the playground for a bit before we headed home. The kids had showers and then it was time for a quick snack and book before bed.

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