All 50 Road Trip-May 23, 2018, Day 12

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Skagway, AK

We slept very well last night again. I had to wake up everyone in my room and so did Robby. Campbell was awake when I called Nonna and Pops’ room. Most of us met up at lunch at the cafe. I think everyone has settled in on their breakfast choices-Graham is an omelet man, Whitman picks cereal, Reagan likes the pastrys and my choice has been the eggs benedict.

Whitman was still asleep so Robby let him sleep for a while. Robby said that he organized their room a little bit. Gracious, I saw it early and it was pretty neat. My room, though, is a wreck. It looks neat but clothes are shoved in drawers and nooks and crannies everywhere. It will all end up in a laundry basket anyway, so I guess I should stress about it too much.

The first activity of the morning was trivia followed by card making. We are working hard on getting lots of signatures for their activity card. By the end of the cruise, they may be able to turn in their card for something exciting like a deck of cards or a pen! Ha! 

The boys spent some time on the basketball court and at some point during the morning, Keaton and Whitman went to the kids’ club for a bit. We then met back up at the cafe for lunch before heading off to Skagway for the afternoon. The big 4 did play some Wii Tennis on the huge screen this morning. That was pretty fun.

The weather could not have been any more perfect today. The sun was shining and even though it was coolish, the sun warmed us up. It couldn’t have been any more different than yesterday. We walked right off of the boat and headed to the National Park site.

The kids had already finished their Klondike Jr. Ranger books so it didn’t take any time for them to get their badges at that National Park. Skagway is just an old timey town. It is now full of shopping places. We enjoyed walking up and down the streets seeing all of the sites.

We did buy some popcorn, caramel and cheese, along with some ice cream for us to enjoy as we walked around town. We did stop in one jewelry store, and all of the girls were giving necklaces. Later we all stopped at a tshirt store, and all of the kids picked out a tshirt as an Alaska memento.

When we were back on the ship, we all went to our rooms for a little bit. Then, well, this is really where my day, and all of my days actually, are starting to run together. I can’t seem to remember what happened next. I think that I met some of the kids met me for a soccer shoot-off tournament. I was walking away when the cruise guy asked me to play too. I did play, but not very well. It was just Dennie’s playing so a Dennie won. Reagan and Anderson tied and then Anderson won. On the second round, they had to spin around the ball 3 times before kicking it. 

Next, everyone but Anderson did some rock climbing again. Keaton really struggled, She almost made it to the top and was so close. They had fun doing that. Keaton and Whitman went back down with Robby while everyone else joined me for trivia. Then there was a name scavenger hunt that we did in the lobby as well.

Again, I am not entirely sure what was next, but I think that it was time for us to get ready. We all met Nonna and Pops to hear a man tell stories and sing songs about Alaska. It was very interesting. Made me want to read a book about Alaska. President Trump’s family became rich by opening hotels in Alaska during the goldrush.

Afterwards, we took the kids to the buffet to eat. Reagan was the only one to choose to go to the nice supper with the grown ups. The kids ate, and then we dropped them off at the kids’ club for pirate night. 

We ate our nice meal tonight. It was good as always. Reagan did order the cheese plate and was pretty disgusted with the cheeses that she received. I would agree though-we are kind of a cheddar cheese family. 

After supper, I picked up all of the Dennie kids except for Whitman. All of the kids had been on a walk looking for pirates. Whitman saw me in the hall and said, “please don’t pick me up yet.” I didn’t, but did pick up the others. Everyone went to show except for Keaton who headed to Nonna’s room to spend the night. Hopefully, she went to bed a bit earlier tonight to catch up on some much needed sleep.

We watched the show and then picked up Whitman. Everyone had a quick bite to eat before heading back to our rooms. In the room, I worked on the blog while Reagan made a page long list of our activities for tomorrow.

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