All 50 Road Trip-May 29, 2018, Day 18

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Kalispell, MT plus Glacier NP

Despite the multiple children with coughs in our room, we all slept very well, and there wasn’t too much coughing during the night. Since yesterday was a bit of driving, we did take it easy this morning. We woke up and slowly got ourselves ready.

Breakfast was just down the hall, and since this is a Holiday Inn Express there was cinnamon rolls. There was also lots of bacon so everyone left the breakfast area happy. After going back to the room for just a minute, we loaded up for our day at Glacier National Park.

It took us a long while to find the Visitor’s Center after we arrived. When we finally did find it, we were again disappointed because it did not have a film. What in the world? I feel like I am going to have to write the National Park Service to complain about their broken films and lack of films. 

The kids earned their Jr. Ranger badges there since we had worked on their booklets at home. We also bought an ornament as well. I think that brings up our ornament count up to at least 6 on this trip. We left the Visitor’s Center and drove the Going to the Sun Road. Only some of it was opened due to the snow still n the road. 

We drove around Lake McDonald before stopping at the Lake McDonald Lodge. Robby checked into riding one of the red Jammer buses but they didn’t have enough room for all of us. We did, however, take a hour long boat tour around the lake. It was very beautiful and everyone enjoyed it. 

Afterwards, we drove to Avalanche for a picnic stop. We were right on the water-incredibly right on the water. The kids enjoyed skipping rocks into the gushing water. The water was pretty and all, but rushing so fast that it could have been very dangerous had anyone decided to take a dip!

Nearby, we started walking on Avalanche Lake trail. It was about a 5 mile trail. A 5 mile trail sounds so simple and refreshing. Nope! It was stunning and gorgeous. It seemed like most of the trail went straight up the mountain. The water flowed right beside us most of the way.

It took a good while to make it to the end of the trail. When we did, the pay off was the most beautiful view of Avalanche Lake and the surrounding mountains. Now, before we explored the lake, we thought that we would walk a bit further down the trail.

The bit further down the trail was full of mud. MUD! Seriously, it took us a long, long time to go a tiny bit at all. Robby would have to help Keaton and then turn right around and help Whitman. We were pretty much all covered in mud by the time that we made it to a part of the trail that was completely covered in water. At this point, Robby decided that maybe we should just go back to the end of the trail instead of forging a new trail.

At the end of the trail, we returned to Avalanche Lake. The kids took off their shoes and waded into the ice cold water. Whitman was given a good lecture about where and how far in he could go. Thankfully, everyone stayed dry.

Near the end of the lake, there was a bathroom which Anderson needed to go to. He really needed a stop, so him and me headed back after he put his shoes back on. The others were going to meet us there a few minutes later. 

When we made it to the bathroom, there was a deer standing about 10 feet from Anderson. After he saw that deer so close to him, and it was the biggest dear I have ever seen, he didn’t need to go to the bathroom any longer.

When he was done, we stood on the edge of the trail, and I quickly noticed every person walking by with bear spray. One man had his bear spray in his hand. So I had to ask him if he had seen anything. He said that he had not but just in that area, he thought he might see something. From then on, I stayed close to the little people. I stayed close to them so I could outrun them; I can't outrun the big 3 anymore.

The hike back down didn’t seem like it took too long at all. Going up was a struggle especially when you have to pull Whitman. He walked but is just in no hurry at all. Everyone was happy to make it to the bottom of the trail and the girls were happy to see flush toilets at the bottom of the trail. 

Once back in the car, everyone got a drink, I worked on the blog and then passed out a snack. When we made it back to the main road, I drove while Robby did some work. It seemed to take forever to get back into town. Mainly because we were looking at the clock since we still had to return a Redbox, pick up supper, and have time for the kids to swim before the pool closed at 10.

It was 9:20 when I dropped the kids and Robby off in the lobby. They ate while I straightened the car. Then they quickly changed into their suits. I then watched them swim while Robby put in the laundry. We then switched spots and he watched the kids while I ate my supper. Everyone enjoyed swimming tonight. 

Reagan was the first one to head back to the room. She had her shower there, and the others had their showers in the pool area. Reagan and Graham, whose ear doesn’t hurt anymore, had a bit of cough and cold medicine. Then everyone celebrated our wonderful day with a glass of coke before bed.

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