April 30, 2019

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  • Robby was up way before me this morning since someone came and took his tractor. He was also able to give them a few more items so that helped clear out his shed. Kind of funny that he started his day working on the shed and tonight at 9, he was outside moving a shelf from one shed into another one. We are Marie Kondo-ing the sheds I guess. Unfortunately, we should be spending some of that organizational energy on inside this house.
  • We did our school today and everyone did fine. One of the reasons that everyone finishing early is so nice is because once Campbell is finished with her work, she starts helping Whitman. She is good because she doesn't do his work for him but does keep him more focused. 
  • I am not sure he will ever get passed first grade, but I will tell you he is the oddest and funniest child ever. Someone asked him how his yogurt was this morning. He replied, "it is dairy good." Did he hear that some where? Did he come up with that? Strange.
  • He is the same child that on Sunday when we were on our day trip, looked up and asked, "when are we stopping for a potty stop?" Glad he asked and all, but we had stopped and half of us went to the bathroom about 3 minutes before he asked. Oblivious.
  • Back to today and school, we were all finished in enough time before lunch for me to work on cleaning our shower which definitely needed cleaning. I don't have the right cleaner though so it still needs a better cleaning. I don't know what to use or buy because what I have just doesn't get it done. Possibly I just need a jack hammer.
  • We ate our lunches, and then I had everyone work on their chores. We followed that up with some reading, working on Jr. Ranger books and I worked with the big 3 on some of their work. As soon as we had finished all of that, I loaded up anyone who wanted to go and we went to Third Realm.
  • Only Campbell, Keaton and Whitman wanted to go. The place was pretty empty, and the workers were working on cleaning out the foam pits. My kids asked if they could help so instead of jumping, they were standing at the bottom of the foam pits throwing the blocks out. They found a lizard toy that the workers gave to Whitman. Campbell found over a dollar, Keaton found around 60 cents and Whitman also found a penny. I think this was the best time that they had ever had at Third Realm.
  • From there, we went to the library. These 3 love going there and picking out books. The girls are almost skittish to get books-like they have to convince me that they will read it. And they act like they don't want to get too many books. I, on the other hand, just throw books in my basket like a mad woman. I just want them to have something to read so I don't care how many they get. 
  • I thought that us listening to The Wizard of Oz would satisfy Whitman's craving for it. However, he asked while we were there if we could read the book-just me and him this summer. Well, poop, how could I say no to that. Once I found the book, he asked me how many more days it was until summer.  I told him that we might could start a bit earlier than summer.
  • Once we came home, I walked on the treadmill for a bit. When I finished, we headed to Chick Fil A for supper. They were having 2 free kids' meals with the purchase of an adult meal. So we bought 3 adult meals and had 6 kid meals. We even ended up with fries and nuggets to bring home. Most everyone just had the kids' meals ice cream for dessert. But Keaton and Campbell spent some of their gift cards-Keaton for a cookie and Campbell for a shake.
  • We did run to Lowe's on the way home. After we left, I told Robby how much I loved that store. I said that the possibilities were just endless with what all you could do. He reminded me that yes, you could even build a house.
  • Once we came home, Robby and I worked outside for a bit-just with some week killer (that happened to explode on some of my plants-hopefully, they can overcome the half gallon on weed killer on them.) and Robby worked on his shed. The kids all played outside with the neighbors so we were outside until almost 9.
  • Then we came in for showers, lunch packing, trash emptying and just a few minutes of ipad time. My kids have gotten used to staying up until almost 10 every night-I guess they are already in summer mode.

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