June 10, 2024-Collide Week/Lake Degray

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Today was a perfect weather day-we usually have rain at least at some point on every camping trip, and we did have a few sprinkles last night. That rain though brought in the delicious weather that we had today. This will be the best weather year that the kids have had at camp since it is usually crazy hot and one year it rained quite a bit.

Robby had a few work calls this morning that he did. Then we moved our party to the swimming area. Whitman wasn't sure where we were going and later said that he thought that we were going to the pool. There is no pool here, but he was happy with the lake.

He remembered how to swim and threw the frisbee with me and then the football with Robby-until it bounced off the water and creamed his face. He was fine but was pretty convinced later in the day that he had a dent in his cheek from the incident.

Later in the afternoon we drove to Hot Springs to eat at Rocky's Corner pizza. The best thing that we had was the fried ravioli. The pizza was okay-we haven't yet found the perfect out to eat pizza. This was supposed to be thick crust, but other than the crust, it wasn't very thick at all.

We then drove to Ouachita State Park to check it out for next year's camping trip. We were surprised that Degray is nicer and larger. We don't think that we will be able to stay there since there was not any cell service that we could get there. Robby needs to be able to work so that is not an option. We didn't get a stamp from there or anything, so we will have to come back next year and do a trail or something so we can officially mark it off of my state park visiting list.

We came back to the camper and went on a walk with Whitman. He had not joined us on any walks yet. Then we started a campfire-a campfire is the reason that Whitman loves camping. He had helped me gather wood yesterday so today we were ready. Robby even let him use the little blow torch.

We sat around the fire, made smores, and enjoyed the evening-then we went in! It was a perfect day and a very perfect evening.

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