June 23, 2024

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  • Campbell had worship care this morning during church, but Robby and I seriously considered signing up for worship care too because it was freezing in the sanctuary today. Graham sat back with us and even said that it was cold. 
  • This morning Whitman had on his church shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Robby and I both had thought about telling him to change, but the joke was on us because he was comfortable during the sermon while we were shivering-or maybe it was the Spirit making us shake!
  • We did Sunday school, and today was Reagan's first time to go to the college class. She didn't say much-or much that is bloggable, but maybe the class will grow on her.
  • After church, we went to Nonna and Pops' house for Sunday lunch. We have missed the last few weeks at their house, so Pops had the kids favorite meal again-pork tenderloin. We stayed and visited for a little bit, but then headed home.
  • I was able to get a 20 minute nap before I took Keaton to a Bible study at a friend's house. I'm all for Bible studies-but on a Sunday afternoon...during my nap? It was fine though because when I came home, it was time to drop Whitman off.
  • This is Whitman's third mission trip to Monticello. They had to be at the church around 4, but you can tell that Whitman is our 6th child, because we sure don't wait around to see the bus drive off. We checked him in, gave him a hug and some last instructions, and we were out of there. (We have still stalked his back pack air tag to see his location and the photocircle to see any pictures of him so we still do love him even though we don't stay to wave bye to the bus.)
  • We then picked up Keaton on the way home, and she was home for a few minutes before she left with the others for Rock Creek. Everyone went but Reagan this evening. Before they made it home, we left for the Wilson's house.
  • We stayed there and visited way too late, so now it is well after 10, and I have to wrangle these people to brush their teeth, throw down the laundry, and put their dishes up.

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