June 8, 2024-Collide Week/Lake Degray

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This morning Robby and I ran to get gas in two of the cars-actually, the cars that we aren't planning on driving the next few days. He dropped off leftover potato salad and slaw at his mom's house while later in the day, I dropped off more at my mom's house. We even brought a tiny bit on this trip for us to eat.

There is such a difference in children-today the high schoolers left for Collide at noon. Anderson and Graham were ready to leave, and they actually probably loaded their luggage into the car at 11. Meanwhile, Reagan, who is very excited about camp as well, was in no hurry to leave. She asked to leave the house at 12:30-even though they were supposed to arrive at noon. 

When I went upstairs to hurry her some more, she was just zipping up her suitcase. She was in no hurry, but it didn't seem like many people were in a hurry either because when I dropped those three off, we were just about the only people there.

Two hours later, I dropped off Campbell and Keaton, and again we were there right on time, and no one was there. Now, I did walk the kids in to the church house, but I didn't stay long at all. The buses had not even arrived either time that I dropped the kids off, so of course I missed taking a few picture (though I have been sent some), but I sure am not going to wait that long!

This is Whitman's last year not to be able to go to Collide. When I asked him tonight if he would go next year, he said "maybe not." I think that he will go, but I also think that he sure enjoys hanging out with Robby and me.

After dropping off the kids, I headed to Lake Degray and Robby and Whitman were right behind me. I checked us in and I also signed us up for a golf cart safari. It didn't take us long to set up camp-though it was super hot during all of our set up. 

Robby and I then sat in the shade and had our selves a super relaxing time-I think that we both even had a short nap. We then made english muffin pizzas in the air fryer for our supper. Robby had thought about cooking, but it is a little bit warm so we opted for indoor eating.

At 9, our golf cart safari started. We were able to snag the 2nd and 3rd carts right behind the ranger. It was dark out there without lights on the golf carts so I stayed right behind the ranger. We were able to see a green tree frog, skunk, toads, and deer. It was neat and we spent the whole hour driving on the golf cart path.

Now we are back in the camper fighting the bugs that flew in when we came inside. I'm about to have my shower and then read a little bit.

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