June 3, 2024

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  • This morning started early with my alarm ringing. I, of course, hit snooze and didn't wake up until a bit later than I had planned. I was still able to wake the kids in time and mark a few chores off of my list this morning before we left for Camp Geyer.
  • The kids had to be a church at 8 which was fine with me because I still had quite a few things to get ready. Tomorrow they do not have to be there until 8:30, but I have 450 cups to fill up with ingredients for tomorrow's recipe (36 cups of baking powder, 36 cups of cheese....). It doesn't take long at all to do this, but it does take a sweet little minute. 
  • Today Whitman helped me get things ready. He didn't mind helping at all, but he asked me twice about the time that he would need to go to his class-he didn't want to miss anything. His track today was indoor games so he enjoyed that.
  • Everyone else is a guide-Keaton is with 2nd grade, Campbell is with preschoolers, Reagan is with first grade, Graham is with 5th grade, and I am not sure what grade Anderson is in this week. Keaton and Graham went to soccer for their track, Reagan came to cooking, Anderson had indoor games, and Campbell goes with her preschool class everywhere that they go. 
  • I did see a momma in the hallway who is not from our church. She asked me if my daughter was in preschool-she recognized Campbell. I said she was, and she said that she thought so and when she passed her crying son off to Campbell, she knew he would be fine. I think that is a pretty high compliment.
  • Now, I think there is something about Vacation Bible School tired-cause I was exhausted this afternoon. I knew that if I stopped I would not accomplish anything else, so I kept moving until my list was complete, and then I crashed! It wasn't a crazy long nap since Campbell and Keaton had 2 friends coming over to spend the night.
  • They were here for a bit, but then Anderson drove all of the people, except Reagan and Whitman, to Raymar for a Bible study. They would have had more fun if they had been able to play outside, but they weren't because of the crazy rain. They still said that they were one of the last ones there though.
  • When they made it home, I had some pasta ready, but I didn't have enough since all of my people wanted some. Reagan had to make her own pasta since I ran out-it wasn't that hard. Now everyone is home safely and eating their supper so I guess I can put my feet up for a bit before bed.

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