June 22, 2024

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  • For a Saturday with nothing on the calendar, we were busy most of the day. Robby was up early to change the oil on the camper generator. After my morning things, I went out to spray some weeds. Our spray thing didn't work so it took a while for Robby to work on it, and then for us to find a plan B. I still sprayed weeds for like an hour, and now I hope that the weed spray worked or I will be a tad disappointed.
  • Reagan had spent the night at a friend's house tonight, and she didn't come home until she had eaten an early lunch over there. Reagan was not going to miss hibachi for sure. She came home about the same time that Annie, the Wilson's dog, came over. Robby went early this morning for the dog to potty and walk around a little bit, but she spend the rest of the day.
  • Robby spend most of the day working outside-he mowed, washed the camper, and straightened his shop. He is still in a bit of pain-or maybe more discomfort now, so hopefully whatever it is that was bothering him is going away. 
  • I took Keaton to a friend's house around 1, and she stayed there until 3. Whitman and I then came to pick her up and go to the pool for a little bit. We were just there for about 2 hours, but oh, Whitman loves it and would have stayed longer.
  • Campbell had spend the night with a friend and then spend the day at the lake with the friend's family. They tubed, they fished (Campbell caught 13), they snacked, and Campbell came home with a sunburn-bless her! She will be cherry red tomorrow!
  • When I came home from the pool, I went with Robby to run a few errands-grocery store, picked up some supper and a mystery shop (where we had ice cream which just doesn't set well with me-it didn't last night so I knew not to eat it, but what did I do? I ate it and enjoyed it, and I also regretted it!)

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