June 28, 2024-Celebrating the 4th in NW Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in Panama City

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We weren't too sure that we were leaving today so things were a bit hectic this morning, but I still had time to finish my book today so it wasn't that crazy. First, I jumped out of bed pretty early because I had to leave pretty early with Campbell. Before I left, I wanted to have all of my regular chores finished. I didn't have time to walk Bentley like usual, but we still did get a half mile in.

Campbell made with friends from Rock Creek at ChickFilA this morning. That worked out well for me because I had a few things to get from Kroger. I wasn't sure how long Campbell would want to stay, so I did some speed shopping and hurried back. 

I then sat in the car and played on my phone. Campbell text me to tell me that she was about to come out. I guess I forgot though because about 2 minutes later someone was opening the car door, and I just about screamed. It was Campbell, but maybe I should have been sitting with the doors locked.

Once we were back at home, Graham was awake and getting ready for me to help him pack. I don't do much packing for the girls, and even Anderson did it all this last camp. However, Graham isn't the most efficient clothes folder so I don't mind helping for things to be easier for him. He did gather everything, and I just put it in his bag. This time he is trying a suitcase-so we will see if he likes it better (I would think that he would-so much more room than a duffel bag.)

Keaton worked on packing, and Campbell did all that she could to avoid packing. She does not like packing at all. I did make Whitman take a shower this afternoon plus he had to do some school with me and some school on his own. He never complains and does get it done-unlike all of the other people at the house!

Around 3, Grandpa was able to escape from the hospital. Robby took them home, and I figured that be would have been gone a bit longer because I had just finished all my things and sat down as he walked in. He wasn't ready to leave yet because he still had work to finish and to pack his clothes. 

It was about 4:30 when Robby, Whitman, and I headed on our 4th of July adventure. We would have left a few minutes earlier, but Keaton and Reagan had to come run out and say bye to Bentley. We had no problems at all getting to Bella Vista. We slowed for a little bit before Conway, but anytime we get anywhere with all 12 tires properly inflated through the whole trip, we are tickled.

We even arrived before dark, so we were able to un hook the car, back in, and then hook up in the light. Robby and I actually walked a little bit before it became too dark tonight. It is certainly warm and sticky outside even at night, but this park is beautiful with tons of trails.

Reagan went to Sonic with at least one friend tonight. I think that they are doing their usual-sitting around and play cards. Anderson and Graham went to Guys Night at Rock Creek this evening and even made a stop at ChickFIlA on the way home.

Here in the camper, we are about to open up some ice cream to celebrate a pretty good day.

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