June 14, 2024

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  • This has been a wonderfully lazy Friday. We haven't done anything which has made Campbell and Keaton pretty stir crazy while it's made me happy.
  • Robby never got any word on his test from yesterday which we kind of expected but still a bit frustrated by. Hopefully, we will hear early Monday morning, because we are ready for a few answers.
  • Robby had his Dgroup early this morning at ChickFilA. I was the next one up and worked steadily through my list; though today I did save plenty of time to finish my book.
  • I have been pretty lax on chores the last two days, but everyone did have to do a day of their summer school today. Next week we start back on normal summer school and chores-we have two weeks at home (only one week for Whitman), and then the others start their camps/mission trips (beach camp for 5, music camp for 2, and then mission trip for 6 all back to back)
  • Reagan left first tonight to go to a movie and then to play pickleball, Anderson and Graham were the next to leave for Rock Creek tonight. They had a guys night, but they eventually ended up at ChickFilA.
  • While the big 3 were all out and about, I gave the others a slew of supper options-hamburger, roast beef sandwich, pizza, potato skins, chicken tacos, english muffin pizzas-we have quite a few leftovers right now.
  • After a bit, we did decide to run to Kroger since ice cream was on sale. Campbell was the one pushing for mint ice cream so she was happy. While we were there, Keaton convinced us to buy peaches-the first two that she has cut into have been bad so that was disappointing. 
  • The others are all out and about still, but the rest of us, except Keaton, are about to dig into the ice cream.

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