June 4, 2024

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  • We took two cars to Camp Geyer this morning, so one group could sleep a whole 5 minutes later. Actually, we needed that second car this afternoon, but Reagan, Anderson, and Graham were all happy that they didn't have to leave as early. Tomorrow we will again have two cars, but we will all leave fairly early. 
  • Today was the day I was most concerned about during Camp Geyer-we made and baked two things all in 50 minutes with 36 kids-and it all worked out! I was pretty surprised that we got it all done, but I have a room full of helpers. 
  • When the morning was over, Keaton, Campbell, Graham, and Anderson went to Top Golf as a thank you for all of their hard work during Upward. They were able to play and eat lunch so they all enjoyed that.
  • Robby had to pick Campbell and Keaton up early to meet Reagan, Whitman, and I at the dentist. We had all cleanings-the big boys had to cancel and reschedule their appointment a few weeks ago since I wasn't sure when exactly they would end up playing at Top Golf today. 
  • We all had good appointments except for Campbell. She does have a cavity, but bless her, she hates the dentist so she was none too pleased about getting to go back for a filling. I told her I grew up having cavities every single time I went to the dentist.
  • We came home, and the boys were already home-Graham was sound asleep and slept until 6 when I did wake him up so maybe he will sleep tonight. I walked Bentley and did spelling with Whitman, and then Campbell went to eat with Robby and me.
  • After we ate, we ran into Walmart-my shopping list is so long-the kids need so much before camp, and I feel like I need to get it all before Friday. I figure on Friday they will really start packing and realize that they need a ton of other things so I want to have most of it bought before Friday so I can go on Friday with a much shorter list. 
  • And speaking of shopping, Reagan has a super long dorm room need list-some, or really even most,  of it is just little walmart things like cotton balls, but all of these lists are just starting to hang over my head.
  • Reagan is at a Bible study tonight, but her new pickleball paddle came in today so I am sure that she really wishes that she was playing pickeball this evening. I am in the living room alone right now with Campbell and Keaton packing upstairs and all of the boys are on some type of device!

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