June 7, 2024

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  • Today was a nice morning since we were all able to sleep in for a little bit; however, our early morning must have trained Bentley to wake up early because she was awake at 6:30 asking to be let out of our room. I was still able to go back to sleep though.
  • I tried to knock out my chores this morning and then I ran quite a few errands with Robby. When we finally came home-after 3 Sonics, a car wash, Kroger, Sams, and Tacos for Life-the boys were anxiously awaiting on their lunches.
  • The girls, of course, had mostly already packed, but Anderson and Graham did most of theirs today. Anderson just wanted me to review all of the things that he needed with him so he could make sure that he had packed them. Graham wanted me to fold all of his things, but it is nice to know that he does have it all.
  • They are all very anxious about camp over the next few days. I tried to find Reagan socks at Academy today, and then tonight I left before Robby to go to Nike to find her socks, but one place had them too small and the other had them too large. Even though the other night she said that she only had two pairs of socks, she said that she would be fine for camp so hopefully she found some more. I am ordering some off of Amazon so they will be here when she gets home.
  • We had supper with quite a few people at the Craft's house tonight. It was a fun gathering-I had to bring cole slaw and potato salad for about 50 folks. I way over did it and have potato salad and cole slaw running out of my ears!
  • Reagan played pickleball this evening and surprisingly beat us home. On our way home we dropped off Keaton and Campbell to play with Annie for a little bit, and the big boys are at a lock in tonight at Rock Creek-they are not staying all night and will hopefully come home around midnight.

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