June 11, 2024-Collide Week/Lake Degray

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It was another perfect camping day-the weather was again wonderful. We took it pretty easy today. Robby and I did our morning walk, and then he came back to do some work. 

Eventually, we moved on to our day's highlight-two of the trails that we have not walked here at Lake Degray. We have not walked all of the trails here. Please don't think that is some huge accomplishment since we walked one of the longest ones today, and it was less than a mile.

We walked the Chickadee Trail and the Blue Heron Trail. I am not sure which one that we did first except that it was our favorite-shorter and in the shade. The second one led us to a grassy area that needed to be mowed. I have found 3 ticks on me, and Bentley pulled a huge burr off of her. We all survived them both though, and it is nice to walk a new trail. If you remember that was my one of my resolutions this year to walk 12 different trails. I think that I am woefully behind on this, but two today is good.

When we came back, Robby did some more work while Bentley and I napped. Eventually, Robby and I set out on another pretty long walk-we did 2.5 miles which is a lot for us and a lot of the dog. Whitman opted to stay in the hammock while we were on that walk.

Tonight we made quesadillas for supper-3 quesadillas was super easy to make, and Robby was even able to eat at the same time as us. Usually, he is still cooking everyone's food as we have to eat in shifts while camping. 

After eating, it was the worst part of camping-clean up time. Robby and I packed everything away and came in to start showers. Whitman has had his shower and just finished scooping us all some ice cream.

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