June 24, 2024

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  • Robby was gone most of the night and all of the day today because his dad had a heart attack last night. Thankfully, we were still up and heard the phone. I helped get him out of the house quickly, but Keaton knew something was up and was quick to ask. The kids were up late, so I was able to keep them updated on everything as I heard from Robby. 
  • Late this afternoon, Grandpa received a stent so things are looking good. I just saw Robby briefly this afternoon as I switched cars with him (I didn't plan ahead well since Reagan and Anderson needed cars tonight) and he looked tired as well.
  • The rest of us had a fairly normal day except for Graham. He is the only one who has not been to the dentist for his cleaning yet-he had an appointment scheduled in July, but Grandpa had one scheduled for today. I called early this morning and switched their appointments which worked out well.
  • That worked out even better because now Graham can go with Campbell and Anderson when they all get fillings. And Graham did convince me to stop and get him something on the way home. He kept saying he needed a reward, and I offered up a hug and a hardy "I'm proud of you" but those didn't seem to work as well as a 99 cent sundae from Sonic.
  • Keaton was supposed to have a friend come over today, but that fell through. I do think that she is having another friend come over tonight to spend the night. The big 5 are all at Raymar for Bible study tonight, and afterwards Reagan plans to go to pickleball for a little bit (who am I kidding-she will be pickleballing or at least chatting and playing cards on the pickleball courts until they turn off the lights)
  • I have been able to see some pictures of Whitman today-last night it looked like he was in a dodgeball championship, and today it looked like he spent a good deal of time organizing and moving things at the Children's home. He has on a different pair of clothes than he did yesterday, he looks happy, and he is working hard so I hope all is going well.

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