June 12, 2024-Collide Week/Lake Degray

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Robby and I took our morning walk before I left for home. We walked around our loop and another loop which is a little over a mile. It is more fun walking around a camp ground than walking around our neighborhood for sure.

He was pretty ready to leave, but had to do some work and empty the tanks before he got on the road. I zoomed on home and started a load of laundry and did a load of dishes. Then I left the house about the same time that Robby was almost home.

The kids were supposed to arrive at 12:30, but it was closer to 12:50. Plus they had to unload all of the things-and my kids jump to help so we didn't head home until around 1:30ish or even later. The back of the surburban is almost not big enough for 5 kids camp supplies. 

On the way home, I heard a lot about camp from everyone. I am sure that I will hear a bit more over the next few days though but it sounded like everyone had fun. We came home, and they unloaded their laundry as soon as they walked in the door. 

So far today, I have washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, 2 are currently in the dryers, 2 are the washing machines, and I probably have 3 loads of bedding that might have to wait until tomorrow. Pretty much most of the day the kids have napped or been super quiet-Whitman is really the only one who has made any noise-he has spent most of his time in his bedroom with her brothers because I think that he has missed them for sure this week.

Robby and I ran to pick up some Arbys for supper. So when we did come home, everyone was awake to grab something to eat. I am sure that even after their naps, they will all sleep well tonight.

I think that there were about 1000 pictures today that I had to week through from the camp photo circle. Those pictures were put up from all of the workers, but then a few minutes ago Reagan sent me her photo circle-of almost 1000 pictures that she took herself! It was a little bit overwhelming, but I am thankful to have some pictures from the week. This is why there are a ton of pictures on today's post.

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