June 19, 2024

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  • Robby update-he did his CT scan early this morning, and thankfully, also he was able to see his results pretty early as well. His scan was great, no scary things were seen so that was good, but it doesn't help him feel any better. He will meet with his doctor early next week with a list of questions, list of symptoms, and a list of suggestions (one of my nurse friends has a list of labs to run.)
  • We both didn't sleep great last night plus we were up early, so when Robby did come home this morning, he hijacked my walk. I said that I was about to go on a walk, and he said that he would join me. Before I knew it, we were headed to Two Rivers with Bentley for a walk.
  • We walked for 3.5 miles-we were fine and had a good time, but Bentley was exhausted. Bless her! She is not used to all of that exercise and for the rest of the day, anytime I saw her, she was sound asleep.
  • I had thought that I was taking Graham to basketball this afternoon so I was walking out the door with Campbell, Keaton, and Whitman to run some errands while he was playing. However, Anderson walked out the door right behind Graham.
  • I offered to drive both of them, but Anderson said he would prefer to drive. They ended up getting home a little before we did. My first stop on my errands was a haircut for Whitman. I dropped Campbell and Keaton off at Target where they spend a gift card of Keatons. 
  • Then we ran to get Campbell's glasses tightened, before all dividing up and doing some speed shopping at Walmart, Whitman was happy to pick out his snacks for his mission trip which leaves on Sunday. I bought a few things for Reagan's dorm room while Campbell picked out a birthday present for a friend.
  • When we came home, I eventually did spelling with Whitman before we all headed to church for the kids' mission trip meetings. I went to Whitman's meeting first while Robby went to his and Graham's meeting. Then I went to Anderson and Reagan's meeting while Robby went to Keaton and Campbell's meeting. 
  • Reagan went to a friend's church tonight for water wars and then to Sonic where she still is. The rest of us stopped at ChickFilA for supper before coming home. I'm trying to make some bread tomorrow so I just started on that. 

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