June 9, 2024-Collide Week/Lake Degray

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So let's begin with a Robby update: he is still in pain, but the pain pills help. I'm beginning to think that maybe it could be a kidney stone, and since I had mine I have heard that ChickFIlA lemonade is a miracle cure. I couldn't try to convince him to get some today since there is no ChickFilA here, and it is Sunday, but maybe tomorrow. 

Despite his pain, we have been on two walks and gotten a bit of vitamin D in the sunlight so maybe those things will help as well. Plus we have gotten some good sleep-we all slept until after 8 this morning. For some reason, I did have to get up and go to the bathroom like 5 different times last night-I had my own Sonic drink on the way down here plus quite a bit of water-but each time I was happy to see the clock still showed I had plenty of time to sleep.

Whitman slept until after 10 this morning. Robby and I had a walk, but it was pretty warm. When we came home, we went to do some mystery shops. Whitman got lunch out of the deal, and I enjoyed driving around Gurdon where I had to come a few days a week to work in a school during college. 

We then drove through OBU-we didn't see any of our campers, but we weren't really looking for them. They have a website where people post photos from camp, and there have been over 500 pictures posted today so I have seen quite a bit of my people. Actually, I think that Reagan is in only one of those pictures, and I barely saw Graham. 

For supper tonight we had pancakes and egg in the hole. We cooked inside even though we had spent a good bit of time outside today. Whitman even spent at least an hour in the hammock today. Our campsite is perfectly shaded which is very nice-though it still was a little warm.

Our plan was to go to another ranger program tonight, but the wind kicked up about when we were to leave, so we decided to just stay in. Robby is in the shower, so when he is done, I bet we will watch some tv and then call it a night. 

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