June 29, 2024-Celebrating the 4th in NW Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in Panama City

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I'll start with the people at home-Anderson and Graham went to play basketball today and played for 3 hours, and then they moved to an hour of pickleball. I'm sure that they were nasty when they made it home. Campbell and Keaton spent the day doing some last minute packing, and Reagan had a sandwich today (sorry, that is all that I know about her.)

Robby and I woke up first here and took a walk. I had gotten ready for the day before we left for the walk, but I shouldn't have-it was hot that I came back a sweaty mess. Robby was wise enough to take his shower after our walk. We walked over a mile and even ended up at a beautiful stream with rocks around it. Bentley walked around the stream while I explained to Robby that I would like to have a cool spring with some cliffs around it in our yard. 

We eventually got around and left the camper. Our first stop was Sonic for a drink fro Whitman and one for Robby and me. Then we went to Walmart to watch Todd Toven. He is a griddle man who sells Blackstone griddles-we have two. 

It was hot in the walmart parking lot, and the seats in the shade were all gone. Thankfully, we had two lawnchairs in the car so it didn't take Whitman and I long to decide to go in the store and buy us another chair. We hugged the edge of the shade as much as we could, but one of my arms are burned and Whitman's neck looks like it could be pretty red in the morning.

It was 4 hours of sitting in the sun, but thankfully there was a bit of a breeze so that made things tolerable-plus the drinks that we had in the car and the popsicles that Whitman and I bought on our second trip into the store. (We made a total of 4 trips into the Walmart today to cool off.)

The man cooked chicken tacos (good), tortillini (my favorite), sausage and rice (way too spicy for me), and meaty sandwich (way too much meat for me). It was a different way to spend the day-we did come home with some hats (I tried to get some colorful ones that the kids could wear to camp next year) and a bottle of spice to use on the griddle. He gave away 3 griddles, but we weren't winners today (which is good since we don't need one.)

After it was over, we walked through Walmart again and bought a few necessities-ha, not really. We bought some more popsicles, yogurt for Whitman since he tried to eat one last night and didn't want peach, and also some reward candy for Whitman (4 hours on a Walmart parking lot in crazy hot weather without complaining gets you a box of lemonheads.)

We then went back to the wonderfully cool camper for a while. I read and napped. Then we had some supper before going on another walk with Whitman and Bentley. Whitman enjoyed walking on a trail by himself and then exploring the cliff ledges near the water. Bentley did not enjoy Whitman not being right near us at all times. 

Now we are all back in the camper and are about to have us some dessert before going to bed.

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