June 16, 2024-Happy Father's Day

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  • This morning was a church morning with us all scurrying around to get ready-it is surprising that we can all get ready and leave the house within 60 minutes plus I can also manage to fold the laundry and unload the dishes. 
  • I had worship care this morning-last week they had 9 babies in the room, but this week they had only 4-I guess that I'm prayed up. It was a pretty easy morning. I left there and went to the first graders to teach Sunday school. 
  • After church, we celebrated Father's Day at Grannymom and Grandpa's house. Robby received a hammer and rubber mallet for his gifts plus a handful of cards from all of the kids. Grandpa received a few gift cards, and after much struggle Robby was able to resize Grandpa's new watch.
  • Back at the house, 3/4ths of us had a nap-Robby, me, Graham, and all of the girls. I am not sure what it is about Sunday afternoons and my family-we all seem to need naps on that day more than any other day.
  • We had the pre-beach camp meeting at Rock Creek tonight where we had to turn in all of our forms and pay. The meeting was fairly short, and when it was over the Wilsons all came over for Sunday night supper. 
  • I had made a pasta dish which was fine-not extraordinary-plus I had a sourdough chocolate cake which was also fine and not extraordinary. But the visiting was extraordinary, and spending time with friends is a nice way to start the week..if you indeed do have to start the week.
  • Campbell saves the day: When the Wilsons were here, Campbell heard something in a box above the freezer in the garage. As the Wilson's left, we listened to the box, and she bravely took it off the fridge. She was able to see that there was a bat in the box-I helped her (by giving her encouragement while standing behind her with my hood on over my head). She scooted the box out of the garage when Robby came and shooed the bat away with a broom. 
  • It is a bit after 10, and Graham has just gone on a run, and I have just finished cleaning the kitchen. Hopefully, this week is a restful one, but hopefully, we find out some answers to Robby's tests early tomorrow morning. 

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