June 1, 2024-Branson in May!

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Robby and I woke up before any of the kids this morning. He had planned on leaving at 9, but we were driving away a little bit after 8:30. We didn't sleep with the slides in, so we had to move Graham to put that slide in and move Campbell to put that slide in as well. Also I had him move Keaton since I didn't want her sleeping on the top bunk while we were driving out of Branson.

The ride home was thankfully uneventful. Graham sneezed about 30 times at one point. When I went to the back to turn off the generator before getting gas, Reagan asked for some beef jerky and cinnamon bread for a snack. Keaton text asking for candy, but other than that I didn't see or hear from anyone else on the whole ride home.

When we stopped in the driveway, everyone came piling out. They are so good and keep returning for load after load to take in. Within about 30 minutes we do have most everything out of the camper. There is always a little bit of laundry after a camping trip-even though we didn't wash everything this time. 

As soon as I had everything straightened in the house, I helped Campbell get her baseball jersey ready for camp. We used the cricut and it looks pretty good. A bit later, I helped Keaton with letters on the cricut, and when I came home from a few errands with Robby they were both using it to make signs for camp. 

I hear showers running, and most everyone has had some type of supper. Reagan is off playing pickleball and the rest of us are biding our time until the Hogs play some baseball at 8 tonight.

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