November 12, 2011

A leaf bath?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • We heard the kids on the monitor before 7 and Robby told them that it wasn't 7 yet and to lay back down and that must have worked for a few minutes because I did end up going back to sleep.  They had white powdered donuts for breakfast and that was sure a treat for them.  We have only had those in the past when we are camping.
  • Robby ran a few errands this morning and the kids played "trip"  They love playing trip and I can not stand it.  I know I sound like a fuddy dud but "trip" involves getting out 4 back packs for them.  Then they fill them up (Reagan is the only one who packs clothes) and then carry them and unload them all throughout the house.  I end up feeling like I am their hotel maid...well, I guess I kind of am anyway!
  • When Robby made it home, he headed outside and soon everyone else followed.  Keaton did hang out inside since it was pretty chilly this morning-even though Robby was out in shorts and the boys had on t shirts.  Keaton swang and looked out the door most of the time we were outside.  
  • We raked leaves and burned a few today.  It ended up being crazy windy but wasn't that windy when our burn pile started.  Campbell got Robby's rake and was going to rake a few leaves too once-the leaves IN the burn pile.  We were nearby and saw her just as she was taking a tumble into the pile.  I can still move pretty quick and hurdled a pile of logs to grab her.  She was fine but a bit upset that we were both hollering at her when we saw her.
  • Everyone enjoyed playing in the leaf piles.  As often as we tried to tell them not to lay down in them, no one seemed to listen and we just let them have their fun.  As Anderson was laying in the pile, he said "this is my hot tub"
  • Around 3, Campbell came in for a bath and nap and then Keaton and I headed to the store.  The others stayed out until 5 and then had their baths.  Never would I have dreamed the kids would stay outside for 6 hours.  Reagan did go in a few time to go to the bathroom (the boys used the trees) and Anderson did go in once to do his breather (I thought he needed it laying in leaves and inhaling smoke from a burn pile).  
  • Graham fell immediately asleep after his bath but soon it was time for everyone to wake up and have supper.  They ate and then watched a few movies, read a few books, played toys and then it was bedtime.  Graham said the prayer for the crew tonight.  His usual prayer is "THANKYOUGODFOROURFOODANDDRINK" even though we have tried to explain he can say other things in his prayer, that he doesn't have to say it fast and that God can hear him without him yelling.  I guess he heard some of our instructions because today was the first time we had heard him say "Thank you God for our food and drink" in a slow and quiet voice.  
  • We now have to tuck in Campbell's baby doll.  She has to be properly covered with the taggie before Campbell is pleased and ready to lay down.  She is such a little mommy and still loves holding Keaton.  Though she hasn't picked her up in a few days (thankfully).  She did try to pat Keaton's head as I was trying to get her to sleep this evening.  Poor thing was trying to be sweet but her hands were ice cold from holding her milk and the more she patted the more upset Keaton got.
  • As Robby asked everyone their favorite things from the day, Reagan said that her favorite thing was eating lunch at the picnic table.  We are going to get so much use out of it.  I brought their lunch out and they all just ran to the table.  We might even use it Thanksgiving.

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