November 16, 2011

Did someone order toilet paper? 
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Keaton woke up a bit before 6 which is great but after having 3 bottles in a short succession last night and then going to sleep after midnight 6 is still early (at least for me).  Though it wasn't early for the rest of them.  Soon we heard them all on the monitor and Graham was beside our bed.  Next we heard Campbell in the kitchen, pushing up a bar stool to the fridge so she could grab her milk.
  • Pops stopped by pretty early to pick up tables for Nonna's garage sale.  The kids were pretty wound up when he was here-the boys didn't have on their shirts and Campbell was only in her diaper (yes, she had clothes on once but took them off).  After he left, we got back to school.  Anderson doesn't like any of our memory work, songs or even group stuff but he will sit forever working on a worksheet or something by himself (Robby and I don't like group work either).
  • Speaking of Campbell.  Her little bump into the table yesterday ended up in a pretty good black eye.  She looks like she has been in a fight but it sure didn't slow her down any.  After the UPS man stopped by today, Campbell had a task that kept her busy for quite awhile.  We received 5 boxes of toilet paper and they were individually wrapped.  I asked her to bring me some to put in the cabinets but she took that to mean unwrap them.  So she spent a very, very long time unwrapping the 96 rolls of toilet paper in that box.  I didn't make her unwrap the other 484 rolls in the other boxes (and yes the UPS man laughed at all of our toilet paper but I won't have to buy any at the store for awhile)
  • Reagan read a bit of a story to us before lunch and then lunch and a bit of playtime.  I worked on the laundry-Keaton laid in the middle of it and once I made a pile, Campbell was gracious enough to take my piles and put them back into the laundry basket.  Once laundry was finally finished, Campbell had a nap and the others played.
  • Graham begged to take a nap and snoozed in my bed until time for supper.  I started getting clothes on everyone (second set for Campbell and third for Keaton), feeding supper, filling bags, loading the car, putting on shoes and coats at 4 but we were still late for Awana at 5:45.  We can get out of the house in 45 minutes in the mornings but sure not on Awana night.
  • We did make it only a few minutes late-Reagan said all the books of the New Testament and the boys made turkeys and wrote what they were thankful.  Anderson said he was thankful for Jesus and Graham said he was thankful for beans.

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