November 25, 2011

Hanging with mom!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We didn't have to get up crazy early for our annual black Friday shopping because I did a bit last night at Walmart.  I bought most everything I wanted.  We discussed taking the kids but opted against it since they had been asleep for hours!
  • Keaton woke to eat in the middle of the night and it was crazy foggy out-I couldn't see the birdfeeder hanging 10 feed from the house.  The boys woke at 6 and have started just going to the toy room to play.  We had breakfast and then played a few rounds of musical chairs (who doesn't do that at 7 in the morning).  Robby laid in bed and hummed for us but when it was time for duck, duck, goose he was quick to hop out of the bed and head to the shower.
  • Campbell had a shower with Robby and then once the other kids saw she had on her outside clothes, they were quick to put theirs own and head out.  Graham was so excited that he was going to get to play in the dirt and oddly enough he spent much of his time riding his bike down the front step.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were here early to help rake, rake, rake.  We raked all morning long, had two burn piles and still have over 3/4th of the yard to do.  The yard is really taking shape and I regret not taking pictures when we first moved in.  And when we build the pergola, outdoor bbq and seating around the fire pit the yard will perfect-kidding!
  • We worked in the yard until time for the game and the kids took a quick shower.  Yes, one quick shower for 4 kids has to be quick-one steps in, one washes, one rinses and one steps out-like a mini assembly line.  They all donned their Razorback gear and were interested in the game for a few minutes.
  • During most of the game, Graham, Campbell and Keaton napped and Anderson and Reagan watched a few movies.  The boys played a bit of football with Grannymom before she headed home and soon it was time for supper-seems like all we do is sleep and eat around here.  
  • The trash truck comes pretty early and we missed it this morning (though the neighbors that just keep their trash can on the street did not miss trash day-this makes Robby crazy).  So Robby loaded up the trash and unloaded it at an undisclosed location.  Campbell and the boys went with him and I thought I would have a few minutes to get a few things done but by the time I pulled the laundry out of the dryer they were back home.
  • Everyone had an airplane ride before bed and all are sleeping soundly.  

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