November 4, 2011

Taking in a little history...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton had a diaper so stinky in the middle of the night that I had to let our room air out before I could go back to sleep.  
  • The kids were excited about getting to eat breakfast at Grannymom's house this morning-we have more breakfast food than anything else but they would have none of it this morning and only wanted to eat there.  I dropped off everyone but Anderson and we headed on to his appointment.
  • It was time for Anderson's 6 month check up with the allergist.  We were called back into the office before our appointment time and then waited for 90 minutes before the doctor came in and hurriedly saw us.  Anyway, here is the breakdown of what's new-he is 2-3 inches taller than Janurary, 6 pounds heavier, same breathers, stronger cream for itching and an additional liquid medicine for itching as well.  Come back in 6 months and discuss allergy shots.  Ha, that will go over well-a shot a week for 6 months.  They do have lollipops at the check out so maybe that will help
  • Since we had to wait for so long, we had just a few minutes to pick up the others and get downtown.  Robby had already driven to the doctor to relieve me so I could get the kids and swing back by for Anderson but the doctor came in.  So he took Anderson and they headed to Sonic and then to Acxiom to wait on me.  
  • I flew to Grannymom's house and loaded up.  I saw Campbell was carrying the bottle bag with her and thought that I would get it in a minute after seeing if Keaton was going with us.  She ended up staying with Grannymom in exchange for Lilly.  But the bottle bag still ended up in the car!  
  • Then we booked it downtown and Robby and Anderson hopped in so Robby could drop us off and we wouldn't have to park (though we couldn't find the right parking lot and we still had to walk).  On this leg of the journey I did look back and see that the bottle bag was with me.  
  • So after dropping us off, Robby went back to Grannymom's house to deliver the bottles.  (Not much work was going on today by Robby).  Keaton was fine and had a few sips of water in the meantime.  Robby stayed there until it was time to pick us up and he even picked up lunch for us.  Yep, I'm pretty spoiled.
  • Lilly, Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and I rushed to the boat and were pretty tardy but the group didn't seem to put out with us and they were just lining up for the tour.  It was pretty crowded and lots of school groups even on a day out of school.  And look at the picture of our group-quite a few.  
  • It was so crowded that the kids couldn't really explore but they did enjoy it.  On the way home, I asked them what they learned: Lilly named the ships, Graham said that one crashed (Santa Maria), Anderson said he didn't know and Reagan said something but somehow I don't remember what it was.  Reagan and Lilly couldn't hardly enjoy the tour trying to keep up with Graham, Anderson and Campbell.  Everyone was very aware of where I was and tried to stay close but it was a mosh pit of little people.  
  • Reagan has since talked about Grannymom's mother's name, Nina, a few times.  She was born on Columbus day and received one of Columbus' ships as her name.  And since she also had Keaton's middle name, Reagan thinks that is so neat.
  • After the tour, we walked down to play at the playground for a bit.  Love the River Market playground and would love it more if I could see everybody at all times.  I had to give one lecture about letting me know where you were going and the kids did very well.  Five little ones are pretty hard to keep up with though I couldn't let Campbell leave my side since she wanted to climb up and down like the big kids.  
  • Soon our chauffeur showed up and we dropped him off and went to Grannymom's house to eat our lunch.  They played for a bit outside and then we came home.  Campbell and Keaton snoozed and the big 3 did a bit of school.  Since it was a field trip day our work load was light for Reagan but we ended up playing one of Anderson's games for awhile.  
  • Then it was rest time and they picked to watch a movie.  Graham wanted to lay by Keaton when she woke up and when she did wake up, I put her beside him.  Soon, I looked over and he was snoozing away with his arm around his baby sister.  Cutest thing ever.
  • When Robby came home, we woke up the troops (Graham and Campbell) and soon it was supper time.  Sometime after supper, Reagan and Graham walked into the den with their shirts off and wrapped around their waists.  Campbell was next to follow and then Anderson came in but he also had a plastic knife sticking out of the waistband of his pants.  I just don't understand these children sometimes.
  • We had promised them that they would get to all sleep in our bedroom sometime before we moved but things got crazy and that didn't happen.  So we told them they could tonight-like Christmas morning to them.  After lots of tossing, turning, up and moving around they are all asleep.  Yep, all 7 of us will be sleeping in our bedroom tonight-good times.  

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