November 2, 2011

Can they be any cuter?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Keaton, my little night owl, didn't sleep all night last night (too be expected) but she did wake Robby up at 4 to eat and then refuse to go back to sleep until she had another bottle
  • Around 6:30 Graham started calling us and therefore waking everyone else up.  It wasn't light yet and he told me that Daddy let him get up when it was dark before.  I replied yes, when we are going to the airport.  I did get everyone to lay back down for a few minutes and I laid with Reagan.  Soon the boys were throwing their pillows, blankets and animals into Campbell's crib from the top bunks. I knew that meant it was time to send them to the playroom.  So before 8 we had done a load of laundry, started a load, gotten half the crew ready, refereed a few fights, straightened upstairs, straightened downstairs and served up breakfast.  
  • Soon it was time to start school and I am hoping that things calm down a bit when I buy desks for the crew.  I doubt that will happen but if they all have their own space and their own writing utensils so the pens, markers and crayons won't be on the floor.  Anyway, the boys went to play upstairs and Reagan breezed through the rest of her work.  Keaton hung out in the pack n play and Campbell played with magnets, sat under the table and then tried to turn the table over on Reagan.
  • Next up was making our skeleton.  We are learning the bones of the body and we hung the skeleton in the window of the school room and it is pretty spooky every time you walk by-I will have to close the door tonight.
  • It went pretty much downhill from there-Graham threw a fit for some reason and I told him he couldn't have his candy that everyone else was eating at the time.  This caused a worse fit-I tried to make him sit in time out and had to do the Super Nanny technique on him-constantly taking him back to the time out spot until he sat there.  And I promise that I took him there at least 20 times while he was kicking and screaming.  Look at those pictures of him tonight-that little smile of his will fool you!
  • Once he calmed down, he was exhausted and took a nap in my bed while Campbell and Keaton took a nap as well.  Reagan and Anderson wanted me to let them put candy in her purse and them take it upstairs.  The answer was no but they promised me they wouldn't eat it.  Still no was the answer.  After begging for awhile, they tried a more subtle technique-leaving me messages throughout the house.  I note dropped from the stairs, they shoved a bowl with a note in it asking for candy towards me while I was working in the closet, the brought me an envelope.  The answer was still no so they eventually started writing to Graham saying that he would get candy later and not to be sad.
  • Robby came home and the kids had supper and then it was time to head to Awanas.  Reagan had said that she was only going to say one verse today (we had practiced 3) and she did end up saying all 3.  She really enjoys getting those jewels in her wings on her vest.
  • At home they had milk and a snack and then it was bedtime.  Graham wanted to know what we were going to do tomorrow and then we turned off the monitor!  (ha, actually we can still hear them when we are up)

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