November 9, 2011

Our New Picnic Table!
(Thanks to G-mom & G-pa for
building it!)
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were over around 8 this morning and started putting together our picnic table.  I tried to keep the kids in as long as I could so they could work uninterrupted.  I managed to convince them to make biscuits, go over some school memory work and then drink hot chocolate so we did stall for awhile.
  • Once the kids were outside they were pretty interested in the table...for a few minutes and then the dirt called everyone's name.  I guess because it was still a bit wet from last night, they were filthy than ever before (I know I have said that before but I really mean it this time...probably said that too).  They played in the dirt, swang and had a big time outside.
  • It was too chilly for Keaton outside so she just stayed in.  If I lay her down in a quiet room, she wakes right up but if she is in a noisy room, she will sleep for hours.  When Grannymom was holding her this morning, Keaton just grinned and cooed.  
  • Soon Campbell was beating on the door ready to come in and she should have been hosed off outside but since the temperature didn't allow it, her and Graham were stripped down and sent to the bath tub.  I left them unattended and soon heard those dreaded words "Mom, Campbell pooped in the bathtub."  So after gathering the toys for the dishwasher, draining the water, collecting the...well, you know and cleaning the tub, Graham and Campbell ended with a shower.  
  • Reagan and Anderson also needed a bath and by the time they had gotten out, I had bathed 5 people.  Keaton had a bath earlier in the morning because she was getting a bit stinky.  She is getting so big so quick-I just don't like that at all.
  • Next up was lunch and then school.  During school, I was on the phone for a bit and both boys begged for a sip of coke.  I had it out and was having some.  Anderson then decided that he would open it himself.  He tried to open it until he bounced on the floor, he then shook it and also enjoyed rolling it from one side of the bar to the other while trying to hurry around to the other side to catch it.  Surprisingly, we didn't have any coke when I got off of the phone.
  • Meanwhile, Reagan was doing her math and I had two days worth of math in her box and she did them all. I told her that she didn't have to have done it all.  She said that she thought it was alot of math today.  Silly girl.
  • After school, they watched a movie and Campbell continued her nap.  As I was getting the movie ready, Anderson saw an Angry Birds icon on the tv and said "sometime I want to play that game."  I said "is that a game?" and he replied "yes, one time I sat by a man and he played that"-he sat by that man on an airplane at least a year ago, we think.  But I vividly remember Anderson staring at that man's ipad the whole flight.  Their memories are crazy.  I told him that his Daddy and him can play that game someday.  I did see that they have a toy version of it...might put that on the list.
  • Soon we were leaving for church and then headed home. As we were going to bed, the kids convinced us that they needed milk so we all traipsed downstairs to have some milk.  They were all out fairly quick especially since Graham had not had a nap (if he sleeps during the day, he keeps everyone up at night)

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