November 3, 2011

Enjoying the fall weather!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • A fairly restful night and pretty early Robby dropped Campbell off at Grannymom's house and then he headed to spend the morning working from the car dealership.  Campbell had a blast playing with Lilly all morning long and enjoyed doing just what Lilly did.  Good news at the car place-the check engine light was just on due to recall issues.
  • Back at home we had school.  Keaton was up for some of it and Reagan had a good day doing her work.  I actually didn't know that school was out today or we should have cancelled our school but oh, well, I had already written out the plans for the month.  Graham cracks me up sometimes.  He usually is very picky about what he wants for me to have out for him to work on and despite all of that, he usually doesn't pay any attention to what he is doing and doesn't finish most of it.  This is fine with me as long as he understands (at least a little) what he is supposed to do and as long as he is being quiet.  Anyway, today I gave him one puzzle, read the color words for him to match and then he matched the color words (written in colors) all by himself.  Pretty impressive since he usually doesn't work that hard.  
  • Soon Robby was home and Reagan, Anderson and Graham and I headed out to see Beebee.  We found a spot close by (which was good because their mother forgot to get their jackets despite it being in the 40s).  Beebee was doing well and everyone that walked in knew they were the ones that had made the pictures.  We will have to make some decorations for her room.  The kids were beyond excellent.  They sat in chairs like grown ups and chatted away.  Anderson and Graham helped get a towel for her and Reagan tried to move the boys out of the way so a nurse with a cart could get in to give her her medicine.  Anderson was seriously like a little man and they were taking in everything that was being said (and I mean everything).  The kids were so good and so calm, it was almost like they were drugged.
  • We swung by McDonalds to pick up lunch and ate at Grannymom's house-Campbell ate with us again and then we headed outside to swing and ride bikes a bit.  Lilly showed up so they all enjoyed running around.  We then headed home and soon were outside playing again (actually the kids were playing, Robby and I were measuring/imagining the new house plans).  
  • We received the first draft of our garage/bathroom plans (pretty impressive and pretty big-we'll have to probably cut out some things)  Graham had heard us talking about all of this and turned to ask Grannymom "do you want to come and help?"  He thought work was starting this evening and that Robby and I would be hammering away.
  • Later in the day, Graham said "I didn't like our old house cause it had a fence and I couldn't run.  At this house it doesn't have a fence and I can run as far as I want"....maybe I should keep a better eye on him.  Campbell took a nap, the boys played outside for a bit more, Keaton hung out in her new favorite spot (the swing-which is actually Campbell's new favorite spot and as you can imagine the swing no longer works!) and Reagan went with Robby to hang out with Grannymom while Grandpa and Robby bought some lumber.  They are going to make us a picnic table.  Can't wait to eat out there.
  • This evening while Robby was gone, I had to make the boys go upstairs and Anderson refused.  So I took the spoon from the cabinet and went to speak with him.  And who was behind me with a tiny purple spoon-Campbell.  I only talked to Anderson and then he mosied up the stairs like I had asked.  Campbell didn't think he was going up quick enough so she took her spoon and swung at him the whole way up the stairs. 
  • The final highlight of the day was cleaning ears.  Yes, we know q tips are bad but you really should see what all comes out of their ears.  At least 8 q tips were used on Anderson (and a whole tube of hydro-cortisone-we go to the allergist tomorrow so that will be interesting)  Reagan thought the whole q tip process was hysterical

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