Thanksgiving: November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson ended up in bed with us sometime (it was probably early this morning).  But before we really woke up he was gone (upstairs playing) and I asked Robby if I just dreamed Anderson being in bed with us.  Robby and I talked for a bit and then he said "did you take the numbers off of the sign?"  I had not-since I had not a clue what he was talking about.  He had fallen back asleep and was dreaming in the middle of our conversation.
  • After breakfast, we worked on our turkey-our cheese and grape turkey.  The kids thought they were something else making that turkey.  And this reminded Anderson that he really wanted a big turkey (the whole kind that you see sitting on a platter).  He suggested that Robby kill it and Pops could bring over his gun so Robby could shoot it.  Also the acorns that we had gathered would attract it.  I think I am going to buy him a cornish hen to eat.
  • Graham and Campbell watched the parade a bit.  Graham would become so excited whenever he saw something that he recognized.  Anderson did walk through the room and I told them that I wanted to take them to the parade one day in New York City.  Anderson asked "isn't that where they have the bed bugs?"  I guess we won't be going there-but Anderson does want to go to Germany to drive on the road with no speed limits and to Venice to float around in the boats.
  • After cleaning the toy room, watching a movie, coloring some turkeys and waiting patiently, all of our Thanksgiving guests showed up-at the same time.  We thought everyone would arrive at 11 and sure enough they all did.  I still had to make my biscuits but it didn't take too long and the meal was on the table by 12.  
  • Our kitchen was full with Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Jenna, Lilly, Cash, Papaw, Nonna, Pops and Jason along with the rest of us.  The kids didn't do too much eating even though the rest of us did.  After lunch the kids headed outside to play and play they did.  They had a few tractor rides, played on the swing, made acorns appetizers for the squirrels and even played in the dirt.  They did go and look at the horses down the road and everyone spent alot of time running.  Graham ran across the whole yard (not an easy feat for such a big yard and little legs) to catch up with Robby on the tractor.  
  • Soon Lilly and Cash left so the kids came inside.  They all had baths and found their pajamas to put on.  I had laid on clothes for them but they automatically found their pjs.  They probably felt it was later than it was-it was only 3ish  
  • We then had supper and at one point, Reagan said "if I eat another thing, I will explode"-I felt the same way.
  • Jason was the only one left at the house and we heard lots of screaming from upstairs.  I could hear Reagan screaming about blood, Anderson was crying and screaming and Graham was whining.  Then I heard the boys slide down the steps looking white so I headed upstairs-grabbing a towel on the way up.  Reagan had banged her tooth into Graham's head and was bleeding.  She had bit her lip but then she also now had a tooth hanging by a thread.  She had showed it to Grandpa earlier today but sweared to me that it wasn't loose early.  She quickly calmed and then I had to calm the boys.  Campbell stayed right by Reagan asking "ok? what happened? ok? what happened?"  When Reagan left the sink to go and show off her tooth, Campbell followed carrying a towel for her.  Sweet little girl.
  • The kids were exhausted tonight-well, Keaton slept all day long but she is getting ready to wake up now.  We have discovered that she knows the sound of the microwave and will stop fussing for a few seconds waiting on the bottle.  She had a pretty great first Thanksgiving-loved on by her grandmas.
  • Reagan and Anderson said that their favorite part of the day was "Thanksgiving" and Graham's favorite part was "seeing Jenna."  The day couldn't have been much more perfect.  

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