November 14, 2011

Play-dough fun!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • So last night everyone went to sleep well....except Campbell.  She was going pretty strong so Robby went up to calm her down and ended up picking her up.  She refused to go back to bed so he put her in the empty bottom bunk.  She laid her head on the pillow, covered up and flashed Robby a huge smile as he left.  It didn't take too long before we heard (not-so) tiny footsteps coming down the steps.  
  • She sat up with us for awhile and then we put her back into bed and it didn't go over very well.  Robby then tried to have her lay in bed with him for awhile but since she was still bouncing off the walls, we sent her to bed with some milk and that finally worked.
  • I took Anderson and then Reagan to school.  Anderson walked right in, writes his name and then tells me bye.  Reagan on the other hand does NOT want to be the first one there and wants us to walk another loop around the sanctuary before going in.  
  • Back at home, Graham was ready to play playdoh as soon as we walked into the door.  I made some laundry detergent while him and Campbell played and mixed up all of the colors.  It kept them busy.  Yep, we have been making laundry detergent since we live out in the country now (not really, we have done it a few times).  But here are a few observations about living out here-if there is a police man on the road, EVERY car you pass will flash their lights at you and during hunting season you sure have to watch out for the hunters driving their 4 wheelers down the road.
  • Robby picked up Anderson and we had lunch and the boys played for awhile.  Campbell had a nap and when she did, I told the boys that they could watch a movie and he said "fine, but I don't want to watch a movie with that girly, kissy, kissy stuff"-that's my boy!
  • Graham fell asleep as I was loading up the car to go and pick up Reagan and thankfully he woke up in a pleasant mood.  When we picked up Reagan she showed me a picture she had drawn and then started unpacking her backpack.  She had made something for Thanksgiving and was so proud of it.  But the glue started coming unstuck so she worked and worked on it in the floor of the car.  Finally, I convinced her that she could work on it more at home with squeeze glue and not a glue stick and she eventually buckled up so we could head home.
  • Reagan did tell me that when she drew her picture of the family, she showed everyone Campbell's picture and said "she is the crazy one."  Poor Campbell already has a bad rap!  Nonna had given Reagan a new vest and she was determined to wear it today even though I tried to tell her she might be hot.  Anyway, a button came off and she had it in her backpack and as I got the button out, she ran up to me pulling something else out of the backpack.  She had saved the thread thinking that we would need it to put the button back on.
  • We made muffins, the kids played and started a movie before waiting on Robby to come home.  Graham, Campbell and I sat outside to wait on Robby.  On Gamble we would see dozens of cars while on the front porch waiting on him but out here the only set of head lights that we see, were Robbys.  We had supper and the kids played some more.  
  • After picking up the toy room it was bed time.  Campbell wasn't the only one wired tonight-Reagan and Anderson were wide awake with her as well.  They finally calmed and then Keaton woke up and was ready to be entertained.

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