November 15, 2011

Keaton:  "If I'm really still, they will
get bored and put me down!"
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Graham called me up there around 12:40 and we had only been asleep for about 20 minutes.  And about 20 minutes later Robby and I were back asleep but Graham was climbing back into bed with us.  I didn't make him go back upstairs since he is a pretty snuggly little sleeper.  At 5 when Keaton stirred, Robby was surprised to see that Graham was in bed with us.
  • Everyone was ready pretty early and had time to watch a movie during breakfast.  Soon the boys headed out to school with Robby and the girls and I started school.  Keaton slept through most school today and our only big excitement was when Campbell crashed into the card table and ended up with a giant bruise near her eye.  She is tough like Graham and rarely cries when she gets hurt but she was pretty hysterical until I gave her an ice pack for her eye and then she was confused.
  • Keaton didn't eat much this morning.  I guess she was full from eating early with Robby.  I would try to feed her, she would suck some and then let it all roll out of her mouth.  I tried a few times and this happened most of the morning.  No worries though, she has more than caught up the rest of the day and has downed 2 bottles since I have been writing this blog.
  • Robby was running a bit late to pick up the boys-late enough for me to call and tell their school.  But he ended up arriving only 8 minutes late and others were picking up kids too.  They headed off to chick fil a and then to the grocery store.  They bought a 40 pound of dog food and put it in the shopping cart.  Graham was hanging onto the shopping cart and just as Robby had turned around he heard a "kerplunk"-Graham had pulled the shopping cart as well as the 40 pound bag of dog food on top of him.  Later I asked him about it and he said "it hurt me a little bit."  Robby said he was more scared than hurt.
  • Back at home, everyone played for awhile and then it was time for Campbell's nap.  Campbell tickles me lately.  Her "yes" sounds like "da"-like she is a little German kid.  During her nap, everyone else had more school to appease Graham.  This is Reagan's favorite kind of school since she just has fun/easy things to do when we have our extra school.  Anderson dutifully does his reading book and he does surprisingly well.  I am trying to work on identifying the letters with Graham.  He can't seem to remember the letter names (just working on 8) but he can see the letter A and know that it is for Anderson, B is for Brad, C is for Cash, D is for Dana, G is for Graham but since I don't know anybody that starts with E, F and H he can't seem to remember them.  
  • Next up Reagan used construction paper to make herself into a turkey and she even had the wattle (the red hangy down thing-had to look that up).  The boys started off with their wattles but ended up making masks so they could be robbers.  Though at one point, Graham did take a brown piece of paper on his nose and said "look, I am a fireman."
  • Soon it was supper and then they finished up a movie they had started earlier.  We did what anyone would do on a dark rainy night-hid in our bed.  Campbell was the first to find us and soon all 4 were in our bed with us.  That meant it was time for bed but first Robby gave everyone airplane rides.  We sure know how to calm everyone down before bed.

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