November 22, 2011

Instant makeover!?!?!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Since Graham wasn't allowe to come downstairs in the middle of the night, he just started yelling "Daddy, I'm ready to get upppp!"  I just thought the night had passed quickly until I heard Robby telling him over the monitor "Graham, go back to sleep it is 2:00."  I'll assume that Robby eventually persuaded him to go back to sleep but to tell you the truth, I went back to sleep.
  • As is our tradition the past few mornings, I tell whoever is here that I am going to take my shower and Campbell starts following me trying to take her shirt off to join me.  I normally wouldn't mind if she was in her pajamas but since she already has on her clothes, I say no and she falls apart.  So I have to wait a few more minutes until she leaves my side and then I have to sneak a shower.  
  • Robby took the boys to school and the girls started on school work.  Campbell wants to do just what Reagan is doing so I can usually keep her entertained but she is quick to notice when her paper is not like Reagan's paper, if I don't hand her a marker just like Reagan's or if I don't give her the same number of magnets.  I truly can't believe how much Reagan has done this year already.  We have filled a binder of school work and it isn't December.  We will be starting the next math book in December and I am going to have to buy more phonics books-I thought the ones we had would last all year.  Good problem to have though.
  • We returned the neighbors cookie pan with some ooey gooey in it and then started on our afternoon adventure.  First we picked up the boys and then all went to see Beebee.  Nonna was there and the kids were glad to see her.  We took Beebee the lemon bars that Reagan made yesterday (2 ingredient lemon bars-not so good).  The kids had always been pretty good at the hospital but they were a bit rowdier today (no one probably notices but me).  When we left, I told them that they earned a B- as a grade while inside.
  • Despite their B grade, the boys got to do the best thing imaginable while visiting Beebee-push her in her wheelchair.  Actually, Beebee must be quite medicated to let a 4 and 3 year old push her down the hall.  I was right nearby helping (they were not happy about that) but there were plenty of walkers, wheelchairs and even a few dogs in the hall (seriously) for them to avoid.  Anyway, Anderson watched a tv show where the character pushes someone in a wheelchair and I know he was thrilled to do the same.  They were both very conscientious about doing a good job-went slow, watched for others (as best you can when you can't see over the wheelchair) and were careful turning corners.
  • Next up I had to run into work to pick up a few pieces of paper.  I parked right by the door, locked the car, took the keys and ran in.  I know, that's bad but since I could see the car at all times I did it anyway.  It just took 20 seconds as compared to taking 20 minutes if everyone had gotten out.  Of course, when I pulled into the grocery store parking lot next and told everyone to stay buckled (I wanted to check my phone for a few seconds) Anderson asked in a quite alarmed voice "are we going to have to stay in the car?"
  • I considered it (kidding) but everyone did go in.  Keaton and Campbell in the shopping cart, the food on the bottom and Reagan, Anderson and Graham struggling to keep up with me.  I kept reminding them "stay behind me" but they kept running into each other-I guess they thought that had to be in a single file line.  I just wanted them behind me so I as not to run any of them down.
  • I did put two packages of cookies in my cart and use those as my bribes.  They had 5 points and lost 4 and if they lost one more they couldn't get the cookies.  This caused Reagan to step into action.  I could hear her saying "let's be good boys." "let's don't talk." "let's play a game where we don't touch anything."  Poor thing, she was trying so hard to make sure everyone had cookies.  Of course, they were going to get cookies anyway-they hadn't eaten lunch.  (Don't call scan-when we made it home, I offered lunch and had no takers, I then offered a snack and had no takers-all they cared about was getting upstairs to play in the toy room).  As we walked out of the store, Reagan asked "did we get an F?"  She was quite surprised when I said they got an A-.  Anytime, we can get out of the store with all of us, no yelling and me completing my list with few tears, it is a good day.
  • Back at home, they played upstairs and the little girls had naps.  I moved Keaton up to her big girl bottles.  She is guzzling the milk down.  Robby figured the per bottle price to be $3 and after a few moments of panic, we figured out that he had misfigured-we were greatly relieved.
  • Soon it was supper and frozen grapes and cookies for dessert.  They then played upstairs more and watched a movie before bed.  Our entertainment this evening was the kids playing with a few trinkets from Robby's work from a left over project.  Everyone got a good laugh!  Although Graham wanted everyone to keep wearing them even after everyone else was done!
  • Things sound kind of quiet up there tonight so we will see what the evening holds.    

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