November 28, 2011

Keaton: "What she's so happy about?!?"
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Anderson was ready to go to school today and didn't complain that he was the only one going.  Though before he left, he made sure to hug everyone.  
  • Keaton seems to have a bit of a cold.  Her little nose is a bit runny and she might have been a tad fussier today.  She stills continues to smile and grin.  Maybe she is teething (probably a bit early) but when I rub her gums she just grins back at me. 
  • When Anderson came home from school, he said hello and walked right upstairs and started playing.  Man, those kids love that toy room.  I think that he would have stayed up there all day long if I wouldn't have called him home for lunch.  
  • After lunch, the little girls had a nap, Reagan and I played Go Fish, Graham fell asleep in my bed and Anderson watched a truck movie.  I knew Robby was going to be a bit late so I coated everyone up after they woke up and we headed out for a walk.  Actually it was practice for Silver Dollar City this weekend.  The high will be 45 so now I know what to pack (something warm-and maybe a good book for hiding out at the hotel while Robby takes the kids there).  The boys loved to run today until Graham fell down and scratched his hands.  Campbell even rode in the stroller some-it was brief but she did it.  Hopefully she will do that for Robby at Silver Dollar City.  
  • Robby came home and we all made pizzas for supper.  The kids loved making them but they were more interested in the pie that Robby brought home.  After pie, Robby ran and the kids sat in the hallway and read books.  It was an odd sight turning the corner and seeing them all lined up in the hallway reading.  They had been near Robby and he had shooed them out so he could watch what he wanted on tv.  They didn't make it to far away from him though.
  • Do you notice the picture of Keaton with her stocking-that is the reason we can't have any more kids-the stocking.  Ours were made by Ms. Hallum as a wedding gift, the kids were made by Grannymom and were Robby, Dana and Les' and I think Robby's grandpas when they were little and that left poor little Keaton needing a stocking.  I bought the kit pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant and worked off and on.  Anyway, finally it is finished (almost) and that will be the last stocking I make!
  • I am not sure about the pictures from this evening but if Campbell has on a shirt with dots-yes, I know she looks pitiful.  That is Reagan's shirt which is rather cute on Reagan but Campbell has found it and seems to think that it is her pajama shirt.  If she sees it, she puts it on and will not change.
  • Rodent update: one trap had been moved, the poison had been eaten but no sign of him yet.  Robby is on a mission and will probably try to catch him with his bear hands by the end of the week.  (and if you didn't read yesterday-the thing is in the shed not in the house-oh, dear, I hope nothing is in the house.)

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