November 23, 2011

Finger licking good!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • It was a fairly lazy morning around here-we didn't even start school until 10.  Though we did make cinnamon crescent rolls for breakfast and then I completely lost my mind and suggested that we make turkey handprints on the huge rice krispie treat thing.  I traced their hands (except Keatons-we just guessed) with icing, they each stirred the food coloring in their icing and everyone decorated their own tail feathers (except Campbell who was busy licking her icing bowl clean).  It was a mess but they all had a good time.
  • Since Campbell had yellow icing smeared from her head to toe, she was allowed to have a shower with me today.  It was a bit chilly in the house and she was adamant that she wanted her clothes on as soon as we got out.  Hers clothes were upstairs and mine were downstairs-quite a dilemma.  She can put on most of hers by herself but had to have a diaper first since she frequently wets (or worse) the floor when she doesn't have a diaper on.
  • For school, they all had a few Thanksgiving worksheets that were the same.  And you would have thought that was the coolest thing ever.  Graham was so excited to be doing what Reagan was doing.  Anderson is doing pretty good sounding out words.  Today he read-this, on, cat and one other word which I can't remember (and I am not getting up to look either)
  • Soon it was almost lunch but before Graham helped me make a butterfinger pie.  Campbell joined and especially loved when I turned on the blender.  Anderson also showed up to help the last bit but surprisingly, Reagan never showed up.  Next up was lunch and then more playing.  Campbell had an early nap since we were going to go shopping with Robby this afternoon.
  • When Robby came home, he had a few errands to run and we walked around Walmart to kill time.  Remind me never to take the kids shopping this close to Christmas.  Seriously, I am going to have to rework my entire Christmas plans.  But then when I go upstairs and see this huge toy room covered completely with toys (you can't even tell what color the carpet is) I think that they don't need anything at all.  There are four of them that play with the toys-and really, they play with most everything.  I was telling Robby the other day that one toy I had specifically thought about putting in the garage sale, they have played with for hours over the last few days.
  • One of Robby's stops today was Burger King and he had to order fries.  Anderson smelled them and said "oh, those smell SOOO good."  They had quite the feast during our errand running-crackers and juice boxes from home, fries, cheese from both grocery store and chocolate covered pretzels.  Life is good for the Dennie kids.  
  • When we made it home, Reagan thought that it was Thanksgiving and she headed upstairs to clean up the toy room.  I had to tell her that that was in the morning and not right now.  So they finished playing and are in bed-it was quite rowdy up there for a bit.  One night I am going to hide under the bed so I can really see what is going on up there.  

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