November 11, 2011

Hanging out!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Keaton didn't make it all night last night but that girl can really suck down a bottle in the middle of the night.  Last night she had one and a half before slowing down. She went back to sleep with only a few whimpers after I put her back to her bouncy.
  • Everyone woke up around 7 and we were moving shortly thereafter.  I snuck in a shower before Robby left and then breakfast for everyone.  We had a few minutes before we started school.  I asked Reagan to finish 5 of her 10 boxes but since the boys were still doing their work she ended up finishing 8.  We then went upstairs to get ready and back down to feed Keaton.
  • We were ready a few minutes early so we went back upstairs to start cleaning the toy room.  We did that for 5 minutes and everyone worked well-well, most everyone.  Graham just can not pick up at all.  He is too distracted.  When we finished I told them that the people who picked up well could have some candy and then I told Graham that he couldn't have any.  This caused him to start crying and sweet Anderson said "that's ok buddy, you can sit by me and I will share with you."  I told him that we could all work for one more minute and he could earn his candy back.  
  • Next up was going to see Beebee at Baptist.  We had to park far, far away today.  I had circled as long as I could looking for a better place but eventually had to park.  Campbell walked to the door holding on to the buggy most of the way but on the way back to the car, she refused to hold on to the buggy, so I had to hold her hand.  She was highly opposed to this and refused to walk.  So I drug her back to the car while pushing the buggy over 2 curbs and while trying to constantly remind the boys to stay with me.  Makes me tired just thinking about it.
  • Beebee was doing good and I even worked on her hair a bit.  I haven't used a curling iron in years-probably a decade.  I probably didn't do too good of a job on her hair though.  Anyway, the kids were good and stood around and visited.  I have been very impressed with their behavior at the hospital. 
  • Before we left, we went to the bathroom.  Sometime while we were all in there, Reagan and Anderson shouted "look at her face, it's red."  I quickly turned to Keaton thinking something was wrong but she was only going to the bathroom as well.  I explained this to Reagan and Anderson and now they think the baby is brilliant-pottying while we were in the bathroom.
  • Next up was meeting Kennedy, Noah, Eden and Lilly at the park.  We played on the swing, had lunch, ran in the tunnel, walked over the bridge, walked to the Veteran's Memorial and even played on top of a hill.  And this is where the trouble for Anderson started.  
  • I saw another child nearby and him and Anderson were looking cross with each other up on the hill and I walked over that way once but they moved apart and I turned around.  A few minutes later, we heard the other little boy crying.  Jodee, Sara and I asked all of our kids what had happened and no one knew but the other boy with a very large mother was quick to point to Anderson.  So Anderson got into trouble-he did push the boy-so he had to apologize to the boy and then sat down for a few minutes.  I probably should have loaded up the car and took my pusher home (but a day at the park is a fun day for the kids but more importantly it is a fun day for me so I didn't want to leave)
  • By the time we left, the kids were all getting tired and a bit fussy.  I thought stopping by Sonic would keep them awake on the way home and it didn't work for Campbell who was asleep by the time we made it there.  It did help keep Graham up which made for a peaceful going to bed ritual since he was exhausted.  We made it home and Keaton and Campbell napped and the boys and I finished cleaning up the toy room while Reagan worked on her phonics.  
  • Then they started coloring and within a few minutes, Robby called and it was time to meet him to go out to eat.  I told the kids that we were going to a "fancy" restaurant and they needed to be on their best behavior.    Reagan heard this and decided that she need fancy clothes on-I suggested dark pants but she did not want pants and wanted a skirt.  So I obliged and helped her change and as I was putting on my "dressy" shoes, Reagan asked "do you have any skirts or pantyhose?"  Then she asked if Daddy was taking me to a fancy restaurant because he loved me and because we were married.  I said yes and because Daddy loved them too.  I didn't mention that we were also going there because Robby skipped lunch and was hungry and those breadsticks always taste good.
  • The kids were very good at supper-Campbell did try to get away with a bit more than usual but in her defense we were there for quite a while.  We picked up Robby's car at Grannymom's house and had some ice cream before heading home.  Reagan decided that she wanted to work on her cart wheels tomorrow and Graham is going to practice riding his bike on the rocks.  Looks like it will be another exciting day at the Dennie house.

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