November 13, 2011

Who doesn't love a dirt pile?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Church morning and our only hiccup this morning was Graham putting on his shoes.  He can't do it-can't put on any shoes.  Drives me and Robby crazy.  Campbell can put on shoes but somehow his one year old sister can do something that his little 3 year old self can not.  He gets so mad that he won't even try-which in turn makes me madder and it is a vicious cycle.  Tomorrow may just have to be "shoe putting on practice day"
  • Breakfast was donuts and I heard Campbell shouting "more, Momma, more" and when I looked, she wasn't asking for more for her but more for Reagan-sweet girl.  
  • On the way to church, we pointed out an antique car that was passing us.  A few minutes later Graham said "maybe Jesus drove that car, maybe."  
  • I ended up helping in Anderson's Sunday school class.  He was very well behaved and even raised his hand to answer what David did for King Saul (sang to him-I missed that Bible story).  And he has also gotten quite good at writing his name.  My little boy isn't that little anymore.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and we didn't even have to wait on Pops to get home.  He was already there-that hasn't happened in many, many years.  Papaw was also there too along with Jason so the kids couldn't have been happier.
  • We drove around a bit on the way home looking around.  By the time was made it home, Keaton, Campbell and Graham were all napping.  Graham rested for awhile but was up by the time Reagan and Anderson headed outside.  Since Robby was out working (working on the overgrown flower bed on the line in the front of the house) the kids all headed outside.  They took out as many trucks for the dirt as I would let them.  Dirt is fun but it is so much more fun when they have their trucks.  They also had a tractor/trailer ride through the woods with Robby and that was quite thrilling for them too.  
  • They all stayed outside until Graham said "the sun is going down" and then it was bath time.  Campbell woke up in time for a bath and it is quite the feat to wash 4 kids in 2 bathtubs with one upstairs and one downstairs -- all with Robby gone since he had a meeting at church.  And Keaton was not happy at the time either.  She soon calmed with a bottle.  She is getting so big and her eyes are still not brown but not really blue either.  They are somewhere in between but one thing is for sure about this baby.  She does not like to be alone.  You set her down in a quiet room and she is immediately awake.
  • We had supper and after a movie everyone headed to bed.  

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