November 1, 2011

Hanging with Pops!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We woke this morning after 7 and Robby and I both asked each other if we had fed Keaton in the middle of the night and we had not.  That little child had slept all night-wonderful.  I am not holding my breath that it will happen again.  
  • Robby took the boys to school and Anderson wasn't too pleased saying they would just do the same thing and Graham said he didn't want to go because he didn't know what snack would be.  Silliness-they both have a blast at school.   Though Anderson did come home with marker on his chin and at one time called it his beard. 
  • Reagan did her school and Campbell was pretty cooperative-though I did feed her a mid morning snack.  I love those bar stools because she can't get down so she had her snack for a bit while Reagan worked on reading.  Though we were constantly interrupted with Campbell screaming "momma, momma"
  • Keaton watched most of school and then when we moved into the kitchen I laid her on a blanket in the hallway.  Campbell tried to swaddle her but she started out by wrapping up her head.  Reagan thought this was hysterical while I just thought it was frightening!  
  • When Robby came in from picking up the boys, Keaton was crying and he picked her up and walked to our bedroom.  A few minutes later Campbell came along, stopped at the blanket and looked down and then picked up the blanket and looked under it--all the time while asking "baby?"
  • Reagan was the first to pick out 24 pieces of candy, one each day until Thanksgiving and soon the boys followed.  Reagan is pretty smart and probably won't forget about the leftover candy in her bucket but the boys will.  Speaking of, I think we will have some chocolate candy for snack around here.
  • After lunch, I wrote a thank you note and Reagan decided that she needed to write one too.  She took it very seriously and did a great job.  Before too long, I was waking Campbell up and loading on the car.  It was time to take the little ones to Grannymom's house while the big ones went skating.
  • Graham picked going to Grannymom's over skating. So it was just Reagan and Anderson.  Anderson did much, much better today than before and made it around at least 5 times-which still clutching the wall.  Reagan relied on me more so I don't think that she was as good as before but she still went around more than Anderson and didn't seem to mind falling.  She and Alissa Kate would get so tickled every once in a while and this would cause one of them to fall over.  They all wanted to skate out in the middle-pretty unnerving for me and Sara since they skate at the speed of a turtle with lots of people zooming by them. 
  • We then picked up Campbell, Keaton and Graham from Grannymom's house but first they all played outside with Cash and swang a few times.  Lilly was around in earlier in the afternoon and loved being mom with Keaton and Campbell.  
  • When we got the call from Robby, we headed over to Nonna and Pops house for supper.  The boys rode bikes for a few minutes before we ate.  Reagan doesn't much get a chance to ride with the boys since they jump on them but she really doesn't seem to care at all.  I need to get her more interested in riding a bike.
  • They played for quite a while and then it was time to come home and get in bed-Graham didn't have a nap and Reagan and Anderson will be exhausted from skating-love nights like this!

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