November 27, 2011

Cold weather brings
out the feetsies!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • I guess the boys have not adjusted to time change since they continue to wake up at 6.  Finally Robby told them today to go and play with toys and we heard those feet patter down the hall and into the toy room and it was quiet for a few more minutes.  Robby eventually had to go up to get Campbell out of bed and later she was found standing on a bar stool in front of the fridge.  She was getting her milk but since she can't get off of the bar stools she just had to stay there until Robby or I came through to get her down.  When he finally found her, she was a bit chilly.
  • Church this morning and afterwards Campbell, Keaton and I came home early to start on lunch.  We actually didn't have to do much and had time to feed Keaton and work on a Christmas tree for Beebee.  
  • Robby brought the other crew home and soon Pops, Nonna and Jason were at our house.  We had Sunday lunch here and as soon as the kids had finished eating Nonna's delicious lemon cookies, they had taken Jason and Pops upstairs to play.  Graham has asked twice if Nonna, Pops and Jason can come back to play.
  • After lunch, Robby headed outside to find his rodent.  There is a rat/mouse in our shed #1 and it has eaten a few things (shop vac cord, stroller canopy, ice chest to name a few).  Last night Robby saw it and said it was a 2 foot long rat.  He also said he screamed like a girl when he saw it.  Today though he saw it again and was a bit calmer because he said it was just a mouse.  Anyway, he found the nest in the shed, replaced the pallet that the nest was in with bricks, burned the pallet and informed me that the animal had taken 3 gloves to its nest.  I pray that they were not my gloves.  He now has multiple traps and poison laid out and is waiting for his catch.  
  • In the house, Campbell and Keaton were napping and the rest of us played Go Fish.  We played with real cards and the kids did very, very well.  Reagan has played it multiple times but Anderson (who often doesn't want to participate in things but still watched so he learns how) even won the game.  Graham stayed with it for a long time but did't make it to the end of the game.
  • The boys came downstairs tonight wearing goggles and carrying tools.  Anderson said he was Superman and had the tools so he could rescue people out of buildings.  I asked Graham who he was and he said "I'm with him."  Later they put tape on theirselves and said that they were "race car fans."  I kind of understand the Superman bit but race car fans and tape-I just don't get it.
  • Reagan spent this time making a paper bell ornament.  She had worked pretty hard to figure out how to make it with a ringer and a hanger.  Of course, she was very upset when the poker chip didn't chime when it hit the paper bell.  Campbell sat by Reagan the entire time she worked.  I had to check on her a few times just to make sure she wasn''t coloring on the walls or something worse.  She had a glue stick and was using it on a piece of paper.  Didn't really care if she wasted it all-would be the best 33 cents spent lately.  
  • So since this is the first cool night, everyone is wearing their feetie pajamas.  Now Anderson doesn't have any his size (on his Christmas list) so he just put on Grahams.  Reagan didn't want to be left out, so she took off her feeties and put on another pair of Grahams.  Anyway, poor Anderson can not bend his feet those pjs are so tight and when I heard him coming down the stairs to show me I heard him say "I can't really breathe."
  • Campbell was the last to get on her feeties but she had already seen the others hugging and jumping around saying "we are on the feetie team."  Needless to say, when she put hers on she ran right to Anderson to show him her feet.  If I had known that wearing feetie pajamas made this happy, they could have worn them all winter.
  • We read a story before bed and Graham piped in that we better not have a fire when Santa is coming.  After a few airplane rides, it was bedtime.  Usually Keaton starts crying during our prayers but tonight I didn't hear her and thought I would have a few minutes but instead she was happily playing in the swing.  How does she know when they go to bed and when I sit down to eat.  Baby radar is amazing.

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