November 10, 2011

Kennedy S. comes to visit!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

  • Woohoo, another night of Keaton sleeping all night long.  If only we could remember her eating schedule from the night before and we could replicate it tonight.  When she does sleep all night, I still have that moment of panic wondering if she is alright.  I went in to check on her and she was still covered up in her bouncy.  I might sleep that well if I was sleeping in that bouncy-Campbell still enjoys sitting in it.  Yep, when she sits in it her bottom immediately hits the ground.  Just imagine what happens to it when Anderson takes a seat.  All of this is not condoned by me.
  • Robby got all of the kids ready this morning and everyone had breakfast downstairs.  We have gotten into a habit of letting everyone choose what they want for breakfast.  All 4 of them usually want something different and then they never want seconds of what they have and want something different.  We are trying to slow all of that down by just giving a few choices-of course, our picky one Reagan never seems to like our choices but then always wants seconds.  
  • The boys headed off to school and Campbell spent the morning at Grannymom's house.  At home, Keaton caught up on a few bottles that she missed during the night.  Reagan breezed through her work and we were lazily enjoying the morning doing school work until I realized that I had to pick Campbell up before picking up the boys.  So the last 20 minutes of school was pretty rushed as we tried to finish.
  • Reagan, Keaton and I picked up Campbell at Grannymom's house.  The girls went to swing for a few minutes and when Reagan and I went inside to get a drink of water, Campbell thought we were leaving and started running to catch us.  She was ready to get in the car but as soon as the boys climbed in from school, she reached over and hit Anderson.  
  • Graham said that he didn't do "much school" today but he did eat snacks.  What could be better than that?  Anderson didn't say much about school but he was ready to get home and have some milk.  Kennedy came over while we were getting lunch ready.  The kids grazed and then everyone headed upstairs to play.  They played upstairs until Campbell took a nap and then it was time to paint.
  • Man, painting with 4 kids is pretty messy.  Actually, painting with 2 boys is pretty messy.  Anderson had his hands covered in paint in no time and Graham apparently can't tell the difference between the paper and the table or his shirt or his head or even the floor.  I did add to the chaos by trying to paint Keaton's hand to make a turkey.   My plan was to make a few hand turkeys and take some to Beebee but after doing Keaton's hand, I decided that one set of turkeys for me was plenty!
  • The kids then watched a movie and Graham fell asleep.  They went to play outside and I decided to wake Graham up but then we both ended up snoozing on the couch.  Robby was home by now, so the outside crew weren't unattended.  Graham did wake up in a pretty foul mood which lasted...oh, it lasted pretty much all night.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Kennedy came in and they went upstairs to play more.  Graham calmed down a bit and we woke Campbell up for the evening.  I told her Daddy was home and asked if she wanted to go and see him.  She immediately started motioning for Kennedy to come downstairs and see Daddy too.  
  • I went to the mini holiday house at church while Robby manned the fort.  I did serve supper before I left and the kids played pretty well for awhile.  He said around 7 that started to get bored but soon after I came home we played a few rounds of London Bridges and read a book.  Kennedy's mom came to pick her up and then my crew headed upstairs for bed.
  • Campbell must have been tired because I put her in her crib before prayers tonight and she never stood back up.  She just laid there the entire time.  When I went back up because Graham (who had that nap) was still up calling for Robby, Reagan and Anderson were already asleep.  

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