April 30, 2012

Graduation Day!
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  • This was the second night that Campbell has woken up in the middle of the night.  Sounds like she is telling me that someone is fussing but then I go upstairs and she and everyone else is sound asleep.  We had been on a pretty good streak of everyone sleeping through the night and Campbell's little awakenings are starting to catch up with me.
  • Today was Reagan's last day of kindergarten at Comm Central.  (We still have 6 more days of school here at home)   I had everyone with me and we all walked in to drop Anderson off and then we drove around to the back of the church for Reagan's assembly.  We dropped her off in her class and went upstairs and soon Robby, Grannymom, Grandpa and Nonna all arrived.  Campbell, Graham and Keaton were all anxiously awaiting seeing Reagan.  
  • Reagan's class said two poems (Oooey Gooey and Jonathan Bing).  Then they all said their name and told what they liked this year.  Reagan said that she like Jonathan Bing-it was a very cute poem after all.  Reagan did say that she really wanted to sing the 5 ocean song with the Pre K but they couldn't.  All of the grades (Pre K through 4th) performed something from the kids memory work-the timeline, Intro to the Declaration of Independence, Preamble to the Constitution, Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Patrick Henry's Give me liberty speech-all of these things Reagan has learned (or at least heard during the year) which is pretty cool.  The only thing that we didn't touch this year that was in the memory work was the Greek and Latin-maybe next year (or maybe not!).  
  • After the assembly, Reagan's class had graduation cupcakes and their room was all decked out for graduation.  The teachers had little gifts for the kids and Reagan took her strawberry jelly to her teachers.  When picking strawberries last week, she wanted to take some to her teachers so Nonna thought of making jelly from those strawberries to take and Reagan was so proud of her jelly.  After she had her cupcake, we loaded up to pick up Anderson.  
  • Nonna drove to the other side of the church with us and sat with the kids while I went in to pick up Anderson.  When he saw me he just scowled and said "you are always early."  Well, I am usually early but not this early since I did pick him up almost an hour early.  I wasn't going to be able to stall and hang out around church for another hour.  
  • At home lots was happening-drywall people, meeting with the brick man and the septic system was going in.  And let me tell you, my yard is now a mess-lots of digging, rain and a few pieces of heavy machinery will do that.  Though I certainly don't mind the mess at all!  We are really only minorly inconvenienced from all of this construction but I can not imagine what people do that are renovating there whole house or even re doing a kitchen do.  It would drive my absolutely insane!
  • Anyway, the kids played for a bit and then we had lunch.  It was nice for everyone to be home on a Monday morning even if it was for a bit.  After lunch I loaded everyone up and I dropped them off at Grannymom's house.  I had a doctor's appointment and the kids read a few books and played outside until I came back.  
  • By the time I made it home, it was past nap time for Campbell and Graham never had a quiet moment to fall asleep so they were two very tired little kids tonight.  Campbell just laid in her bed when I put her down and didn't even bother trying to stall us leaving the room.  Usually she calls me back and says "I have a secret" and then whispers incoherently in my ear.  
  • Everyone mostly played legos until supper and then supper.  I then bribed the kids that if they had dessert then they had to be my "super cleaners."   They worked fairly well though Anderson would occasionally disappear and I would have to find him and remind him that he was working.  We picked up the house and even had time to read quite a few library books before Robby made it home from his errands (and my supper). 
  • Hopefully Campbell will sleep through the night tonight...or hopefully I will sleep through the night!

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