October 9, 2012

A new art project...
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids all woke up at 6:30 and we told them that it wasn't yet 6 and everyone quieted down.  At 7, Graham came into our bed to lay with us.  We all stayed in bed as long as we could and then Graham and I went upstairs to get him ready.  Today was picture day at school so he was not pleased with having to wear his Sunday shirt!  He got ready and brushed his teeth and still no one else woke up.
  • Graham had breakfast and then Robby saw him coming downstairs with shoes in his hands.  Graham told Robby that he had gotten his big shoes so that would be ready for when he turned 5 (in just 10 short months).  
  • This must have woken everyone else up because they were all downstairs in time to see Robby and Graham off.  The rest of us had breakfast and then headed to the school room with blankets in tow-this house was cold today!  
  • We finished school after 11 and I ran upstairs to fully use the last hour of Keaton's morning nap.  I drug out all of Campbell's winter clothes and started her big fall/winter clothes change over.  Campbell tried on at least half of the clothes that I pulled out.  Seriously, it was a little crazy-it was 60 degrees in the house and she was trying on bathing suits, jackets and black Sunday shoes-all at the same time.  Oh, and she was often wearing vampire teeth as she tried on all of the clothes.  
  • Soon it was noon and we headed downstairs to have lunch.  We had soup for lunch and then everyone came back upstairs while I worked some more on C's clothes.  I finished around 2 and that was wonderful-maybe I can finish everyone's clothes by next Friday.
  • Then it was nap time for the little girls and art time started for Reagan and Anderson.  Oh, yes, Graham was picked up from school by Grannymom and he finished his birdhouse.  And then spent the rest of the afternoon playing worker with Lilly and Cash.  Anyway, this afternoon all Anderson did was color in a coloring book.  He colored at least 20 pages and even sent a few to his cousins.  He is so interested in art right now.  
  • And Reagan spent her time coloring and working on making pom poms to turn into a scarf for her and her American girl doll.  She was about to pull out her birdhouse but we just ran out of time because Grannymom and Grandpa were headed out way with Graham.  We also all worked on painting a new chalk board project.  (and no the tigers you see on the picture aren't staying and will soon be painted over with chalk board paint)
  • Robby eventually arrived and we all had supper and then Robby and Grandpa did a bit of work (1. making the van fit a bit better in the garage, 2. hanging shelves in the attic, 3. tightening bar stools-too bad that didn't get to items 4-29 on my list-maybe next time).
  • Keaton had a big evening playing with Grannymom and so enjoys walking around with a pencil or marker in her hand.  That is all she does during school-finds markers and tries to open everyone's crayon boxes.  Now if she succeeds in this then she does munch on the crayons but really loves to devour the chalk.
  • When Grannymom and Grandpa left, everyone had showers and then they all went to bed.  They were pretty tired from the evening.  Oh, yes, Anderson had even planned games to play tonight when Graham arrived home-so they played Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says and Musical Chairs.  I guess since we had company and played games-it was almost like a birthday party. 

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