October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Time!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • My favorite part of the day today was when Keaton woke up.  Everyone else was already eating breakfast and when she saw all of them she started grinning ear to ear.  She motioned to go near the kids and one by one we had to walk to everyone, Reagan, then Anderson, then Graham and then Campbell, so she could pat them on the head and receive a hug from them.
  • Graham started the day off really well-he put on his clothes, his socks, brushed his teeth and pottied without even being asked by Robby or me.  I think he was pretty excited to be the snack helper at school today-he had picked out pretzels, cheese sticks and apple juice to take today.  Grannymom had an appointment today and Nonna had one Thursday so Nonna picked Graham up from school today.  
  • Speaking of school, Reagan and Anderson started school while I had my shower.  Campbell was put in charge of Keaton during this time (goal was to keep her in my bathroom/closet area to keep her away from Anderson and Reagan so they could get a few things done.)  Campbell takes this job very seriously and even told Robby all about it at supper.  She even remembers to get Keaton some toys to play with.  
  • Reagan and Anderson did fairly well with school after our week off.  Reagan finished before Anderson-they always have a bit of a race going on.  Though it all really just depends on how focused Anderson is and who I can devote my attention to at the time.  Friends are coming over tomorrow to play so we will have to really get our school work done quickly in the morning-I like a challenge!  
  • After school, I worked on pulling out all of our Christmas clothes.  I am pretty sure everyone has Christmas pajamas and that most have Christmas clothes.  So my Christmas planning is well under way-now just to complete my shopping.  If only I knew what the girls would like-especially Reagan-she was hard to shop for last year as well.
  • So this afternoon was fine until Graham came home and showed out in front of Nonna and Pops.  He calmed some but soon Reagan became bossy and in a bad mood.  Mostly Anderson stayed out of the fuss and fights but it wasn't a pretty afternoon.  Made me briefly think of running away-no, I didn't just briefly think of running away, I thought about it for a long, long time.  
  • And then just like that, they were all happily watching a movie and playing legos.  Robby came home and we had supper followed by a bit more playtime for the kids.  Next up, was our annual pumpkin carving.  It won't be too long before the kids can carve their own pumpkins-well, it maybe at least a few years until we let them use the knives!
  • Campbell didn't remember carving a pumpkin last year and was shocked to see us cutting into it.  Reagan and Graham was all into it.  Graham loves touching the goo and Keaton even poked at the goo a bit.  Reagan did her best not to touch anything but did enjoy making a bit of fun of Anderson.  Look at his pictures-everyone he had a huge scowl on his face.  He did not want to touch anything at all.  So funny.  Click here for a picture of Anderson from last year and click here for a picture of the year before-2010 (notice the gloves!) and click here for the 2009 picture (best one!).  I would say that poor Anderson has improved but oh so funny.  
  • After we finished our pumpkin, lit it and placed it outside, we all watched Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.  The kids all watched it-Keaton did keep walking around and started closing the doors on the tv cabinet to get a rise out of everyone.  Soon everyone was put to bed-tomorrow is a big, big day-Halloween.  It is a wonder they can even sleep tonight!

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