October 24, 2012-Destin, Florida

First sighting of the beach!
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  • Our morning started at 4:50 with that blasted alarm clock ringing.  Actually, Robby and I jumped up and started getting ready.  We had already loaded and Keaton was the first one to board the bus.  As I put her in, Robby worked on zipping up her bed-isn't it nice to just take your bed with you?  
  • Next up, I whispered to Reagan that it was time to get up.  She said "okay" and started to sit up and before she was out of bed, the boys were getting out of their beds.  Campbell was saying "who woke me up?" and Graham was asking about brushing teeth.  So we added that to our list of must do things-teeth, potty, get in van.
  • They all just sat stunned in the car probably the first hour of the drive.  They became more and more talkative but I don't think they really understand the waking up in the morning and it still being dark.  Anderson wondered if maybe we would be the first on the highway.  Campbell would occasionally say "it's not morning."
  • We were leaving Grannymom and Grandpa's neighborhood at 6 on the dot.  And we arrived in Destin around 5:15.  We made a total of 4 stops (3 of those being McDonald's -considering there were five kids with us our numbers were pretty good. 
  • Our first stop was in Lake Village for breakfast and pottying.  I had thought that I had already passed out breakfast for the kids when I gave them cereal but McDonald pancakes are what they really wanted.  
  • The next stop was stop was at another McDonald's just to potty and the kids started their third movie.   The dvd in the car is very nice and very different from our old one so it is taking Robby and I a bit of time to figure everything out.  When I was driving later in the afternoon, he did teach them all how to wear headphones-quite a sight.  Imagine 4 kids wearing headphones to listen to a movie while talking loudly to each other and to the movie.  Fine with us though because we didn't have to hear the movie.
  • Robby did stop at one Redbox along the way to pick up a movie and we all did listen to it.  Though I might have slept through some of it.  Seating arrangements you ask?-2 big kids on the very back row, 1 big kid and Campbell on the third row, suitcases and me on the second row, Keaton and Grannymom on the first row and Robby and Grandpa up front.
  • Yes, that means that Grannymom had the task of keeping Keaton happy.  She did very well in the morning but then she did go a bit downhill.  She was tired but couldn't get to sleep-needed a curtain around her.  She eventually did give it up but tonight when we went to eat, she was NOT going to get back in the van nor was she thrilled about being buckled up.  
  • Our house is near the beach in Destin-probably the closest I have ever stayed to the beach.  It has a smallish living area, a galley kitchen, a laundry room, nice but crowded covered porch, a small bedroom, a larger bedroom with bathroom and the grand finale-one room with two sets of bunk beds!  The kids think we are in a mansion built just for them.  Seriously, that room couldn't be any more perfect for all of them.  And the fan in the bathroom couldn't be any more perfect for Keaton-it is so noisy that it immediately put her to sleep.
  • After we arrived, we walked down to the beach.  Of course the kids all got their socks and shoes wet but hey, we are at the beach.  They would run away from the water squealing with delight.  It was very entertaining to others on the beach-and they weren't too many people at the beach either.  Perfect beach weather-too cold to really be out there but warm enough to play.
  • We then had supper at the Back Porch.  The kids devoured their chicken, I had a crab cake and Robby had chicken and shrimp.  And as an added bonus, Robby bought a whole key lime pie to take home.  Anderson was the most excited because he adores "lime pie."  We gobbled half of the pie up as soon as we came back to the house.
  • The kids were tired because at least 2 asked me if they could go to bed.  After we said good night we never heard any sounds coming from their room.  Traveling is tough.  Tomorrow won't be as exhausting-beach, outlets and Seaside.

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