October 10, 2012

Bedtime Snack!
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  • It wasn't that cold in the house this morning but when Graham came to our bed at 6:30, his poor feet were ice cold.  It took awhile for me to warm up his little toes.  I don't really mind him coming to our bed early because he is pretty snugly and quite-all the way until the clock says 7 and then he is a little chatterbox.  
  • We waved bye to Robby and then had breakfast.  After breakfast, it was time for school and everyone did well (as far as I can remember).  We have been finishing early the past few mornings and I have a feeling that I am leaving something out.  Phonics, math, science, a tiny bit of history, English, writing and spelling-that is pretty much everything, I hope!
  • Soon it was lunch time and as we sat at the bar, Campbell was looking out of the window and said "is that a deer?" but it was just a big dog in the yard.  We read a few stories during lunch and then I sent them upstairs to pick up the toy room for a few minutes while I got ready for the next project.  Don't be surprised but they didn't really do a good job at picking up!
  • So our afternoon project was making a few cookies.  We made Robby's favorite-snickerdoodles. And we made him a happy man by making over 200 of them.  Don't worry, I am not trying to sabotage his running-I did freeze most of them.  And no, there are no pictures-I was a bit busy with orchestrating the kids.  Though I will admit, Reagan, Anderson and Graham were really good at rolling the cookies in the cinnamon and sugar.  I was scooping cookies for them as fast as I could.  It was lots of fun and a big mess!
  • Next up was nap for the little girls while I ran around getting ready for the evening.  The boys colored and watched a tv show and Reagan worked more on making her scarf.  She was disappointed when she had to stop to put on her clothes for church.
  • We headed to see Beebee and Papaw.  As all of the people at Papaw's place looked at the kids, I wondered if they were a bit jealous that their great grandkids weren't there to visit or if they were put out because we are a bit noisier than the usual guests.  Either way the kids were decent there and then we headed out for church.
  • As I was loading up the stroller, Pops and Nonna arrived and hopped in the car to say hi to everyone.  I was glad to see Pops because he helped guide me as I back out of my parking spot.  At church, Campbell walked right in and Keaton didn't really fuss.  Graham was happy to have earned a patch and Reagan earned another jewel.  
  • And my Anderson said 4 verses tonight-he has been saying only one at a time even though he knows so many (frustrates the mess out of me).  Kind of feel sorry for him because in the car he said "everyone is always getting patches and I don't know how they are."  Pitiful huh?  I don't know why he hasn't been saying more-if he gets shy, doesn't speak up, who knows.  But next week he just has to say one and will finally get his patch.  Hopefully, he will get a taste of success and start rattling off his verses.  
  • Back at home, the kids had a snack and everyone went to bed quietly!

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