October 13, 2012

Wow, a car that is 107 years older than Campbell!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Even as we loaded the car this morning, we weren't too certain that there would actually be a football game since it was sprinkling at our house.  By the time we made it there though, the weather was looking better and the tunnel was even ready to be run through (last week they didn't because it was too wet).  
  • And every week I miss taking a picture of at least one of the kids (usually Reagan) as they run through the tunnel.  This week was no different but I did get some cute pictures of the boys running through.  When Graham was looking at them tonight, he asked a question about a picture with Anderson in it.  But it was actually him in the picture-thought that was funny that he was having a hard time telling him and his brother apart.  Me too sometimes in pictures-as Graham is getting bigger they are looking more and more the same.
  • We had 3 players absent today so played 5 on 6.  This meant that all of our players were able to touch the ball alot.  Graham did not want to run the ball today (really, can you imagine 6 bigger kids than you running right at you-I don't blame him) so he spent most of the game at center.  He did really well today and did little staring off into space.  Anderson ran the ball twice-once involved a lot of running and no gain and the other he did gain a few yards.  He spent most of the game at quarterback and is mega serious about screaming "down, set, hut."  Both boys pulled a flag as well today so it was a pretty good game.  Anderson said the score was 6-4 but I was thinking it was something closer to 4-6.  They had a good time and that was all that matters.
  • After the game, everyone changed into dry shoes and socks and we headed to pick up the big van from Nonna's house and then take it to get pimped.  Ha!  Actually, we did get movies put into it and keyless entry.  Robby had warned me that the movies wouldn't look as seemless as in the red van but they look great and you can not tell they didn't come initially with the van.  Now we are looking for sponsors to advertise on the side.  (Kidding, kind of-unless you know of someone that would really like to advertise on the van and then we can certainly talk!)
  • I then ran into the store for a few things-of course as soon as we were home Robby decided he needed dog food and I decided that I needed bread.  We need a Kroger about a block away from the house.  
  • Next up was picking up pizza and taking it to Grannymom's house for lunch with Dana and crew.  The kids enjoyed playing together and seeing Jenna.  They actually were so ready to play that they all went outside while we stayed inside and had dessert (second time lately for this to happen-kind of nice!)
  • After leaving there, we headed to church for the car show.  The boy enjoyed looking at all of the engines and Reagan said that she "mostly looked at the inside of the cars while the boys looked at the outside stuff."  Even though we had just had pizza, Anderson thought he needed a hot dog so they all had a half and we continued walking around.  When we climbed out of the car, we made it clear to everyone that they couldn't touch the cars.  But one car owner came up to me and told me that he would let the kids climb on and take a picture.  He even took another man around the parking lot for a spin-I told the kids they probably would never see a car that old working again.  It was from 1902-pretty neat.  
  • Then we had some coke and hung out by the rock in front of the church.  The kids had been asking to see what the rock said so they enjoyed seeing it-and climbing all over it.  Next up was home for some naps-there were some tired grown ups after our morning.
  • Soon though it was time to get back out to pick up the van.  When we made it home, we had the kids change vans and then we took the big van for a spin to see how the movies worked.  They work great but are a bit hard to pull down-kind of good (we are the only ones that can probably do it) but kind of bad (sometimes it would be nice for them to do it) though they will figure it out all too soon. 
  • Once we made it home, Robby worked in the garage for a bit while Graham and Campbell played with the neighbor kids that had wondered over.  Robby did catch one of them trying to lift one of our toys from the yard.  And the 3 year old kept wondering in our garage and asked twice to come in the house-no parents around.  Though I really can't say much-my 2 year old was outside with only a shirt and a diaper. 
  • The kids had soup and grilled cheese for supper and were told that if they ate most everything they could have ice cream.  Poor Graham decided before he had eaten any soup that he didn't like it so he missed out on the ice cream.  That didn't phase him for long though and soon he joined Robby watching a bit of the hogs play.  
  • Everyone was tucked in by 7:40 and it was all quiet by 8-so I celebrated with some ice cream!

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