October 28, 2012-Destin, Florida

Glad to be home...all Smiles!
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  • This morning the kids didn't beat us up-but at 4:30 not too many folks were up in Destin.  Robby thinks we even beat Grannymom and Grandpa up.  It didn't take too long for us to get ready and finish up loading the van.  Keaton was still snoozing so Robby just snuck in the bathroom and took his shower in the dark.  
  • It didn't take too long for her to wake up and then we soon started loading the van up with the rest of the kids.  They all wake up in such a good morning when we are traveling like this.  No one complained or fussed-they all just used the bathroom and climbed in the car.  Graham asked if he could have his night time toys in the car so he could sleep and I said of course.  Campbell over heard him and later asked if she could sleep in the car too.  Of course that answer was a resounding yes but she never really went back to sleep until we were back in Arkansas.
  • We hit the road a few minutes after 5 and were making pretty good time for about 15 minutes and then Robby's travel stomach hit and we had to stop.  Thankfully he found a McDonalds open but as soon as he was finished, Graham said that he needed to potty too (he just wanted to get out of the van for a few minutes).  Then we were back on the road and a few minutes later we again pulled over for Robby!  Our van does have the policy-if you gotta go, then you gotta go.  Soon though his tummy calmed down and we were on our way.  
  • Actually, we only made a total of 5 stops so that still isn't too bad and we made it to Grannymom's house around 5:30.  Our first two stops were for Robby, then a stop to potty and order breakfast, a stop to play at a McDonalds and then a stop to order lunch and potty.  The kids did pretty good on the ride-though there was more squabbling than I like but the movies kept everyone fairly busy for most of the ride.  
  • After dropping off the Dennies, we went to buy gas and then Robby suggested that we go to the new Walmart so of course I jumped at the opportunity.  We put pants and a fresh diaper on the baby, socks and shoes on everyone, combed the girls hair and found a coat for Reagan-this did make me wonder if our little Walmart trip was worth it.  Ha!  No, Walmart was fun and we did spend some money-in fact, I may even go back tomorrow!  (I feel a bit behind on my Christmas shopping).
  • Once we made it home, everyone headed upstairs to play while we emptied the van.  Well, everyone went upstairs but Keaton and she noticed this and then proceeded to climb up the stairs every time I left the room.  I could hardly get anything put up because I was busy chasing her.  Everyone had pizza and ice cream and then bed-and Keaton was still running around in circles.  She was so happy to be free of her car seat-but then I think we were all glad to be free of the car!

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