October 2, 2012

Almost solo on the tricycle!
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  • Graham was ready to go to school this morning-maybe because we said that the rest of us were about to start homeschool!  Robby dropped Graham off and then had to come back home to pick up his wallet-I did offer to meet him somewhere but he declined.
  • By this time, the five of us left at the house had finished breakfast and everyone was getting started on their schoolwork while I was getting ready for the day.  During school, I looked around-Anderson was doing math, Reagan was doing phonics, Campbell was matching shapes and Keaton was working on her walking.
  • We had a few minutes before lunch for everyone to play and then we started lunch.  We were all sitting at the table and I was reading a Magic Tree House book.  I had just finished reading about Jack and Annie seeing a deer-like animal in their neighborhood and within a few minutes, Anderson was shouting "deer, deer" and running to the window.  
  • We guess it was the momma deer about 15 feet from our back door.  She saw and heard the commotion of us coming to the door but still just stood and stared at us.  Eventually she darted off and  behind the tree was the little baby.  The baby ran off too but we hadn't been able to see it since it was blocked by the tree.  Reagan and Anderson were in awe and Campbell was terrified.  She cried "I don't want that deer to get me."  Anderson, trying to help out, said "don't worry, that was just a momma deer.  She can't break through the door, but the daddy can."  Later when we went outside to play, Campbell sat on the bench and said "I'll stay here so that deer doesn't get me."
  • It took me awhile to get my stuff ready-Keaton dressed, Campbell re-dressed, socks for skating out, dishes up and garage sale stuff in the garage to be priced.  Reagan and Anderson played upstairs and Campbell helped me.  When I was finally finished, I moved to the garage to price some of my garage sale stuff and everyone else played outside.  Keaton was so happy being pulled in the wagon-and everyone didn't mind pulling her.
  • Grannymom had picked Graham up from school and he had a big time-but the highlight of his day was painting a birdhouse that Grannymom had picked up for everyone.  Now everyone will be like Reagan and her birdhouse that she is still working on.  Around 2, we picked him up and dropped off Keaton and Campbell.  
  • So Reagan, Anderson, Graham and I headed to the skating rink.  Today didn't even go as well as last time-Reagan was immediately fussy saying she couldn't do it.  Anderson just pulls himself along the wall with his hands and Graham can hardly stand up.  Trust me, we are quite a sight.  By the end, Graham could manage while holding on to the wall and my hand and Reagan could do fine just holding on to my hand.  After about 3 laps, the boys were done-and pretty tired!
  • We then picked up Keaton and Campbell and had a bit of time to play with Lilly and Cash.  The kids played a game of soccer and it didn't end pretty so we went ahead and headed home-it was time anyway!  I believe at the end of the game, Graham pushed Reagan and then he was hit in return and soon there was a big pileup-their tiredness was showing!
  • Back at home, they played outside with Robby some while I worked on supper.  Then it was time for showers for the girls and hair cutting for all of the boys.  Tomorrow is crazy hair night at church so the boys now have mohawks.  They were so excited and don't worry, their mohawk will be gone tomorrow night after church!

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