October 22, 2012

Quality Sibling Time!
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(video from Sunday's night children's choir)
  • Graham joined us in bed around 3 and Robby left around 5.  And after Robby left, Graham started to stretch out in the bed and his feet continually ended up on my face.  This made for a very unpleasant morning for me and I made sure to make it clear to Robby that the next time he thought about moving to the couch, I would gladly go there myself so he could stay with foot boy.  
  • We were a bit later than usual today but still made all of our stops in plenty of time.  Campbell and even Keaton were so happy to see Pops this morning.  Graham went into his class without any problem even though there was a sub (oh, I remember having to fight Anderson to get him in to Ms. Wendolyns class every single day!)  And after a few minutes of reading, I dropped off Reagan and Anderson.  They just walk into their class and never even look back-maybe I should just start dropping them off in the driveway and letting them walk in themselves.  (Possibly after baby 6 arrives!)
  • I ran to work for a bit and then picked up Graham.  I did watch him during music and he was the cutest little thing.  Ms. Susie asked a question to all 3 classes that were in music and Graham shouted out the answer.  And then again she asked another question and he was the first to answer.  Maybe we should work on raising our hand but that isn't the point-the point is how smart my little guy is.  And they gave us proofs for his school pictures and they were absolutely adorable.
  • At Nonna's house, Graham played with Pops for the longest and after lunch they headed outside.  Graham had the idea that if he swept lots of leaves under the van that when I started the engine they would blow everywhere.  He did have lots of leaves under the van but they didn't really blow when I turned the car on or even when I back up.  Though he did have fun throwing them at Keaton and Campbell.  
  • Back at home, I packed the kids clothes for the trip and then put Keaton and Campbell to bed.  As soon as I finished my second thing on my list, Robby called and we decided to take his little van in to the shop to check on the movies.  The original plan was to take it tomorrow but Robby had picked up Anderson, Reagan and Kennedy from school and then had to take the girls to Kaleighs birthday party.
  • So on the way to the dealership we had our first van crisis.  We were peacefully turning onto Sparks when I heard a huge kerplunk.  I knew I hadn't hit anything but something had definitely fallen inside of the car.  I am not that good at looking backwards to check what had fallen but I glanced and it wasn't my diaper bag.  It was still sitting in the seat.  Then I looked at the new movie screens and they were still there.
  • It was a crazy loud kerplunk and must have been something.  Then I heard the screams-terrified screams coming from Campbell.  I looked in the rear view mirror and she was no longer sitting in her seat and in fact I could no longer see her seat.  The screams continued-hers, mine (what happened? what's wrong? are you okay) and Grahams (where's Campbell, what happened?).
  • Finally I realized that Campbell's car seat had been unbuckled and it along with her strapped to it had flipped and was somewhere in the car.  I start trying to find a place to pull over and then start yelling at Graham to unbuckle and help her.  I drove what seemed like 2 miles before I found a spot to pull over (realistically about 100 yards).  By this point, I am nearing hysterical.  Campbell is still screaming-not the I am hurt scream but the I am scared scream but still screaming.  And by now, Graham is standing over her crying.  He is shouting back at me "she is too heavy, I can't get her."  I keep hollering "try, just try, baby." 
  • I then found a spot to pull over the huge van and hurdled the two seats to get to Campbell.  She had indeed flipped over.  Her seat had been by the window in the van but it was now upside down with her head on the seat at the other end of the bench seat.  At first when I tried to pick her and the car seat up, I wasn't able to.  I briefly thought that I was going to have to flag down another motorist to help me.  But on my second try, I was able to get her up enough to unbuckle her and free her.  
  • She really could have gotten seriously hurt but thankful she was just fine.  Now, I was not just fine after this incident.  I was sweating, my heart was racing and I was a nervous wreck.  She stopped crying as soon as I unbuckled her and I gave her a pretty good lecture about never unbuckling her seat belt.  This whole incident probably last about 45 seconds but I am sure that it took years off of my life.  Graham was pretty shaken up too-later once we continued on the road, Graham said "Campbell, be careful not to flip over again."  After he said this, I started wondering if my seat belt unbuckler had gotten to Keaton's seat as well.  So I started reaching back trying to grab her seat to make sure that it was still buckled.  
  • We finally made to to pick up Anderson and Robby.  I was still probably shaking.  We then went to Chick Fil A and the kids enjoyed playing and really enjoyed their ice cream.  Next stop was the Dollar Store to find a few prizes for the trip-I couldn't really find much but did pick up a few things.  I think that the car ride will be fine.  I am even packing school work to pass some time (I'm sneaky like that!)
  • Back at home, everyone had showers and then the boys watched a movie while Keaton helped me put away laundry and Campbell worked on deleting most of the apps on the ipad.  (I really just made that up but she was playing on the ipad and who knows what she did to it).  Soon it was bedtime for them-they must have been a bit tired because they didn't complain too much that Reagan wasn't yet home.  
  • Reagan is quite the party animal and didn't get home until after 8:30.  My little girl is growing up and staying out late.  She had a great time at Kayleigh's party.  Robby told me about a new word that she did pick up at school today: tush.  I guess if she is going to learn a new word for "bottom" at school, then "tush" would probably be my choice.  
  • So school for Graham tomorrow, home school for the others, lots of packing, Pops' birthday party.  It is probably a good thing that we don't have to drive anywhere tomorrow morning-probably couldn't get Campbell back in the van without a little bit of coaxing.  

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