October 17, 2012

Shopping Night at Sparks!
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  • Oh this was another day of sleeping in for us-well, kind of.  Graham had joined us sometime during the night and then he tossed and turned from 5 on (kicking Robby out of bed and taking my covers).  
  • Soon though everyone was dressed-actually that isn't right.  Campbell was the only one that was dressed though I did get dressed later (and not back into my pajamas!)  We then started on school and man, Wednesdays are just hard around here.  We pressed on and ended school with science reading (a favorite) and then did a bit of math with candy corn.  
  • I had everyone empty a few trash cans, pick up the house a bit and then we had lunch.  After lunch, I really don't know what happened but soon it was time to leave.  I had a few more things planned to accomplish but none of that happened-oh, well it will eventually get done.
  • We dropped off a little present at a friend's house and then picked up my reinforcements for the doctor's office-Grandpa.  Three kids with checkups and everyone needing flu mist/shots make for a wild time at the doctors.  
  • We were quickly called into a room-Reagan, Graham and Keaton were measured.  I answered all of their questions and soon the nurse came to give Campbell her flu mist and Anderson his flu shot (he has asthma so he has to have the shot).   Anderson was brave and grimaced a bit but survived his shot fine.
  • Reagan is in the 13-15th percentile in her height and weight and weighs one pound less than Graham.  Graham has more of a Dennie body and his height and weight are all in the 70-80th percentile.  Keaton was around 25 pounds (I don't have my papers near me so am guessing on all of my stats).  Her head circumference was 99st percentile-she is a Dennie!  
  • Reagan had her flu mist and then it was Graham's turn.  I had been telling him he wouldn't need shots-I was wrong.  He got 4 plus his flu mist.  Poor thing-by this time Robby had arrived and was needed to hold him down.  He cried a bit but was pretty brave-more like scared to death.  Now Keaton really cried and started crying with her first shot and screamed through all 4 until I picked her up and Robby passed her a bottle.
  • From there we dropped off Grandpa, saw Grannymom for a minute and then had supper at Sams.  Any place you can feed a family of 7 for less than 15 dollars is a winner!  And they had churros for 1 dollar-yummy!  We even walked around for a bit and then hurried to church.
  • Everyone did great tonight in their classes and were thrilled to have juice boxes on the way home from church-it is the simple things in life.  At home we passed out another snack, unloaded the car and the put everyone to bed!

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